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INTERVIEWS - Archive 2011
Practice a must for good musician, say Bombay sisters
They are simple and humble. They come from Bombay (now Mumbai) and made Chennai their home for music sake. A recipient of the prestigious Sangeetha Kalanidhi title from the renowned Music Academy last year. »
New York made my life: Anil Srinivasan
He is a born musician. He loves to learn. And, he doesn’t hesitate to experiment. Above all, he is an enthusiastic collaborator. He has a secular view on music and pursues a classical approach to music. »
The arrival of young brigades
They are sincere, passionate and clear. They are the new stars on the horizon. They represent a welcome change. As a set of six young Carnatic vocalists open up their minds during a chat-session on the morning of December 12, 2011. »
Music makes you more sensitive, says Aruna Sairam
She is contemporary, traditional and dynamic, all rolled into one. She is a fascination for the young and old alike. She has the uncanny ability to adjust her singing to suit the assorted sensibilities of multi-mood rasikas. »
`Edutainer’ Madhuvanthi on mission mode
She comes from an illustrious background. An accomplished dancer, a singer and an actor, she wears assorted hats. Above all, she is an educationist. »
Namasankirtanam is best way to promote peace, says Udaiyalur Kalynaraman
Chennai is slowly warming up to host the annual classical dance and music festival- Isai Visha - soon. Like the annual musical extravaganza, the decade-old Namasankirtanam Festival, too, has become quite popular among bhajan-lovers and audience, cutting across age. »
Art is an offering to God, says Topeng dancer Idi Bagus Anom
The Island Bali on the southern region of Indonesia is a treasure trove for artistes and art lovers. Balinese have a unique spirit, brimming with creativity and religious ceremonies. »
Classical dance is universal, feel Dhananjayans
This darling couple is a daring twosome. From a husband-wife duo to a star couple, their journey to pinnacle wasn’t smooth. It was full of thorns. »
Duet is not just singing in Tandem, say Ranjani & Gayatri
Carnatic music has been there from the Vedic times. So many great Vidwans have handled it with vision in their own ways. »
Make classical dance a must in schools: Chitra Visweswaran
For her, dance is not an end in itself. "Dance is a window to great world culture," she says. For her, bhakthi is more to do with “spiritual awakening”. »
"Classical dance can be a tool to spread message on social issues" - Says dance couple Narasimhachari & Vasanthalakshmi
"Dance is a representation of beauty. It’s a powerful tool. We may not have a huge fan following. Yet, we can use dance to take up social causes." »
Learn classical dance for love of art: Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala
Classical dancer Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala is a daughter-in-law of the legendary play-back singer and music director late Ghantasala Venkateshwara Rao. »
Give music teaching a laya orientation: Parur Quarter
The ‘Parur Quartet’ comprises three generations of violinists. Father M.S. Anantharaman, his two sons – M.A. Sundareshwaran and M.A. Krishnaswamy – and M.S. Anantakrishnan, son of Sundareshwaran, form the Quartet. »
Listen to recordings of past masters, Kunnakudi Balamuralikrishna
tells youngsters

Upcoming Carnatic vocalist Kunnakudi Balamuralikrishna wants youngsters who aspire to become musicians to listen to the music recordings of yester-year greats. It is a sure first step towards learning a lot. »
Leverage lens to reach classical dance to common man: Radhika Surajit
If dance is an art, Bharathanatyam is a classical art. One needs to enjoy it. An art is a vehicle to learn life. Bharathanatyam is not just about giving performances on stage. »
It is important to know who you sing for, says Abhishek Raghuraman
"At a surface level, music is a tool to express myself. At a deeper level, it has elements that connect one to the Divine. We want moments where we forget ourselves. »
Don’t compromise on classicism, O.S. Thyagarajan advises artistes
People get the Government they deserve, so goes an adage. According to this traditionalist-vocalist, something akin is happening in the world of Carnatic music. »
Expose common man to classical dance: Padma Subrahmanyam
Bharatnatyam exponent Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam was at her articulate best, as she fielded a range of questions with aplomb at a coffee chat organized by Deccan Chronicle at the Rasam Restaurant here on the breezy morning of December 28, 2010. »
There is music beyond concert platforms, says Veena E. Gayathri
For E. Gayathri, Veena is a `Rahasya Vidya’ and is equal to Sri Vidya Upasana. Veena is also a form of meditation for her. From a spiritual perspective, Veena gives sublime bliss to her. For Gayathri, this is a choice instrument. »
An artiste’s job is to resurrect interest in classicism, feels Carnatic vocalist Prasanna Venkatraman
In a free-wheeling chat, he said Carnatic music "should sound good and appeal to a sensitive person." He was convinced that "classicism has a space and will have ears" even in this modern fast-paced life. »
G.S. Mani wants Government to help take Carnatic music to masses
A big push from the Government is a must for taking Carnatic music to masses, declares senior vocalist G. S. Mani. »
Strive to ensure that the total effect of music is good, Bombay sisters tell

Senior Carnatic vocalists Bombay sisters C. Saroja and C. Lalitha have asserted that "we have no desire to sing separately’’. »
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