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ABHAI (Association of BHaratanatyam Artistes of India) is of, by and for the dance community. “Abhai” in Sanskrit means “no fear”. ABHAI was founded in 1987 under the guidance of the late guru K.N. Pakkirisami Pillai. ABHAI was launched with the noble vision of bringing together under a common banner all Bharatanatyam artistes – not only dancers, but also gurus, gccompanying Musicians, technicians, writers, costume designers, make-up artistes and rasikas. It tries to create and spread an atmosphere of co-operation and better understanding among the fraternity.

Columbus Carnatic Music Association, Ohio - This website has frequent updates, an exclusive from Sruti magazine for monthly content & pertinent articles, sound clips from Worldspace radio and links to concert reviews.

Sri Krishna Gana Sabha (SKGS) is one of the most respected, well-established and dynamic cultural institutions in India today. Since the Sabha’s humble beginning in 1953, it has played host to some of the greatest exponents of Indian music, dance, drama and religious discourse.

The Sangeet Natak Akademi - India's national academy for music, dance and drama - is the first National Academy of the arts set-up by the Republic of India. It was created on 31st of May 1952. As the apex body specialising in the performing arts of the country, the Akademi also renders advice and assistance to the Government of India in the task of formulating and implementing policies and programmes in the field. Additionally, the Akademi carries a part of the responsibilities of the state for fostering cultural contacts between various regions in India, and between India and the world.