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5 students of Vinayaga Natyalaya to give maiden dance performance
The maiden bharathanatyam performce of five students of Priya Raghavan will be held on the evening of October 23 at Krishna Mahal, GST Road, Chengalpattu.
Deepthi Suresh gives an impressive concert at Nageswara Rao Park
The chess square at Nageswara Rao Park in Mylapore was abuzz with activity by 5 a.m on Sunday last with flower decorations welcoming the young Deepthi Suresh to the mikeless Sunday Kutcheri in the Park organised by Sundaram Finance.
R. Muralikrishna impresses at Navarathri special concert
A mikeless kutcheri turned into a 'kutcheri in the rain'! The early morning pre-monsoon rains on Sunday last threatened to disrupt the concluding day of the 'Navarathri Special' Kutcheri in the Park organised by Sundaram Finance.
Mrinalini does a good job at 'Navarathri Special' Kutcheri
It was a cool Saturday morning following the previous evening's downpour in Chennai. And, the early morning walkers at the Nageswara Rao Park were drawn to the sweet ragas of 12-year-old B. Mrinalini, a student of The Hindu Senoior Secondart School, Indra Nagar, who presented a solo Kutcheri on the 2nd day of the Navarathri Special Kutcheri in the Park organized by Sundaram Finance.
Sisters T. Harini & T. Aishwarya excel at mikeless concert
On the first day of the three-day 'Navarathri Special' Kutcheri in the Park organised by Sundaram Finance, sisters - 12-year-old T.Harini and 9-year-old T.Aishwarya, both students of DAV Girls School, Gopalapuram, presented a lively one-hour carnatic vocal music performance this morning at the Nageswara Rao Park in Mylapore.
Veena Gayathri Award for Ashraya Ananthanarayanan
Ashraya Ananthanarayanan eight year old student of Oaks Elementary school, PA was honored with the prestigious Smt. Veena Gayathri award for her constant contributions to the field of Indian Classical Music and Dance.
Sundaram Finance to hold 3-day Navarathri special kutcheris in the park
Sundaram Finance will organise a three-day 'Navarathri Special Kutcheri in the Park,' beginning this Friday (September 25, 2009) at the Nageswara Rao Park in Mylapore.
R.P. Shravan to perform at Park kutcheri
As part of the monthly mikeless Sundaram Finance Sunday Kutcheri in the Park, 12-year-old R.P. Shravan, a class VII student of Padma Seshdri Bala Bhavan, T. Nagar, will present an hour of vocal Carnatic music performance this Sunday morning.
Pallavi singing is about rhythm and not emotion - Charumathi Ramachandran
The penultimate day of Svanubhava II at The Music Academy on August 8, 2009 was noteworthy for its rich content. Violin brothers Ganesh and Kumaresh entertained the students with a Janaranjani composition they had composed.
Freeing Carnatic music from past fetters
I vividly recall the incident which smashed into smithereens my ambition to become a performing Carnatic vocal musician. I remember how difficult it was learning Carnatic music. My teacher was a learned man and spared no efforts to make me fall in line with the musical shruti. It was a long haul.
Svanubhava, a brand symbolizing renaissance in Carnatic music
It was the concluding day of the six-day Svanubhava II. But there was no dearth of vigour, vibrancy and vitality. The Music Academy was full of colour, as enthusiastic students actively took part in the exciting `treasure hunt' game, held just prior to the formal end to the highly successful second edition of Svanubhava.
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