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Krishnan Rangi - Chennai, India
Very nice website. Will be a great source of inspiration for those who follow carnatic music but haven't had formal training. Will be following this site for a very long time to come.

Dr. K. Varadarangan - Bangalore, India
This has reference to Prof. R. Visweswaran of Mysore. It is indeed sad that such a great musician has not been recognised adequately by our music community. He was Prof. of Music at Fine Arts college of
Mysore and now retired. He is a great scholar, an outstanding veena performer, a vocalist, guru, musicologist and a composer of high order. He has more than 125 solid music compositions to his credit. He has conceived several new ragas and composed in them. Apart from penning hundreds of articles on music and musicology, he has written two books - `Facets of Music' and `Vaggeya Visweswari'. The former is a collection of articles by Prof. Visweswaran and the latter is a book containing his compostion with notation, lyrics and the meaning of the lyrics (in Kannada). Being one of
his desciples, I have been learning several of his compositions and presenting them in my concerts.

Naada Upaasana - India
Could some one add details of Prof. R. Visweswaran ( veena) of Mysore. He is also a vocalist and a composer of a high order. It is sad that his name is not even mentioned in the archives of Carnatic music. Even though many big artistes go and take his guidance, it is sad tht he is not acknowledged in any of the websites. His interpretation of the Trinity compositions has to be experienced to know his greatness in music. His special treatment to these great compositions are unique doing full justice to the compositions. I feel musicians are missing out on a lot, not knowing him.

R. Vijayendra Rao - India
Sir, the site contains very usefull informations. Please cover devara namas or HariDasa composositions of Karnataka. Thanks.

Jayakamala Pandiyan - Bangalore, India
Very interesting and informative site. Happy to see that you have started covering Bharathanatyam programmes, too. The review on Malavika Sarukkai's programme brought the programme live for me. Thank you so much.

Shankar Bhat - Puttur, India
Really a fantastic site for promoting music. Please see the website of a blind veena artist MANIPAL ARUNA KUMARI, who is acclaimed as the world's first blind veena artist of excellence.
Her blog:

V. Balasubramanian - Chennai, India
Your website is quite interesting, revealing the passion you all have for music. Congrats and my best wishes. I wonder if you could include bajans also in that and profile exponents like Vittaldas (Jaikrishna Bagavathar), Udayalur Kalyanaraman, Kovai Jayaraman and Tanjore Thiagrajan.

Ganesh Srinivasan - Doha, Qatar
A Creative Carnatic Capsule...

Shailaja Vardhan - Chennai, India
The beauty of Carnatic music is still understood by a finite few as compared to say Yoga. Today, chanting CDs have caught on and seem to be flying off music stores. Similarly, Salsa classes are the new rage in town. This website could well become the new must check-out site if you could offer suggestions on Music CDs one could pick from the stores, quick reviews for new comers on the scene, suggestions for serious enthusiasts, in a way similar to what auto magaines have on offer.

* Classes as stress busters are gaining importance - a greater list of teachers, courses, source for intruments, duration of classes etc and so on could be very valuable. I had to scour the net to find a suitable keyboard class for my daughter!

* More chatty information on sabhas, artists & their teachers, new entrants on the scene, must visit places in Chennai for music lovers, intruments and the mystery surrounding them, kutchery in the park kind of features would be very interesting.

* You could also consider sending an e-mailer on the latest happenings.

S Prasad - Bangalore, India
Congrats...A very good initiative. With more commercial support, it has the potential to broaden itself into an "one-stop-shop" on Carnatic music.
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