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INTERVIEWS - Archive 2008
Bharathanatyam is a form of prayer, says Pooja Kumar
POOJA KUMAR, a vibrant and dynamic dancer, had her initial lessons in Bharathanatyam from Smt. Sujatha Srinivasan at the age of six. She took further training from Sri A. Lakshman (Chennai, India). »
Art is not just an entertainment but a wholesome exercise, says dancer Lakshmi Ramaswamy
Lakshmi Ramaswamy, a disciple of Smt. Chitra Visweswaran, has carved a niche for herself as a performer, teacher and choreographer. »
`More the styles, the merrier' - says kuchipudi artiste Mrinalini Sadananda
Mrinalini Sadananda, a seasoned Kuchipudi dancer from the U.S. and one of the senior disciples of Dr. Vempati Chinna Satyam, lives in Washington and runs a dance school there. »
Good music will always make an impact, says Eero Hàmeenniemi
Eero Hàmeenniemi, a Finnish musician, and Carnatic vocalist Bombay Jayashri have teamed up at the famed Huvilla Festival Tent in Helsinki to perform a few compositions of great Sangham Tamil work Kurunthoghai. »
Learning a traditional Indian art in a foreign country is not an easy journey, says dancer Lakshmi Iyengar
Lakshmi Iyengar, a Bharatanatyam dancer, is a disciple of Malathi Iyengar, guru Narmada and Bragha Bessell. Lakshmi has also been trained in Odissi by Nandita Behera. She has performed extensively in the U.S., Canada and India, including the December music and dance season in Chennai and Bangalaore. »
A dance must make a statement, says choreographer Malathi Iyengar
Malathi Iyengar, a choreographer and artistic director of Los Angeles-based Rangoli Dance Company, inspires a lot of aspiring dancers with her astounding choreographic skills and excellence in Bharathanatyam. »
Cast aside sentiments & rigidity to ensure wider acceptance of Carnatic music, says Ghatam Suresh
A simple human being, a dedicated professional, a keen student and a resourceful teacher, he is a well known percussion artiste. A disciple of T.V. Gopalakrishnan, he has developed an intimate relationship with this instrument. »
When we follow our heart's calling, all we need is given to us, says dancer Ramaa Bharadvaj
Ramaa Bharadvaj is an acclaimed choreographer, performer, dance activist and a writer. She studied dance in Chennai, India, under legendary gurus Vazhuvoor Ramaiah Pillai and Kamala (Bharata Natyam) and Vempatti Chinna Satyam (Kuchipudi). »
Don't rush kids to concert stage, pleads veena vidushi Kalpakam Swaminathan
Veena vidushi Kalpagam Swaminathan was given away the "Veena Seshanna" award at a function in Bangalore on July 20, 2008. »
Memories of flute Mali & mama
How time flies! And springs surprises! I knew him as an erudite music lover. Above all, I came to know him as a die-hard fan of flute Mali (flautist T.R. Mahalingam). »
Carnatic music at Helsinki Festival
Established in 1949, the Finnish-Indian-Society is a friendship association that acts as a community of people interested in India and Indian culture. It promotes social interaction between Finns and Indians living in Finland. »
Dancing is a long journey without destination, says Vimala Sarma
Vimala Sarma is a classical Indian dance teacher and performer of the Kuchipudi style of dance, and her company, Nayika Indian Dance, is located in inner city Sydney. »
Maharajapuram Santhanam - a multi-dimensional personality
"He could have come by flight from Trichy that day,'' blurted out Dr. R. Ganesh instantly when asked about the one thing that he wished his guru Maharajapuram Santhanam should have done but which he had not. »
Music is meditation, says Bombay Jayashri
What is music? It is not just singing, listening and experiencing. It is more than all these put together. Ask senior Carnatic vocalist Bombay Jayashri Ramnath, she will vouch for it. »
Music can spread harmony in the minds of listeners, says Dr. Ganesh
He has a simple frame and a steely resolve. A veterinary doctor-turned-finance professional, Dr. R. Ganesh learnt the fine art of Carnatic music from late Maharajapuram Santhanam. »
Sunday kutcheri in park - a platform for unsung children
It is the flagship company of a traditional and reputed industrial house in the city of Chennai. It is no surprise then that the highly regarded Sundaram Finance Ltd. has chosen to revive and conserve the traditional concert format for Carnatic music. »
LearnQuest Music Festival In Boston - A Way To Connect To Homeland, says Durga Krishnan
Durga Krishnan is a graduate of Carnatic Music College of Madras. She is among the principal disciples of well-known Veena player late Dr. Chittibabu. She is a popular veena and vocal teacher in the Boston area. »
Mind the audience, says flautist B.K. Anantha Ram
Flautist B.K. Anantha Ram hails from a family of musicians. He had his first lessons in music from his mother A Rajamma Keshavamurthy, a well-known vocalist. Later, Anantha Ram took to flute and learnt from C. M. Madhuranath, B.N. Suresh, M. R. Doraisvvamy and Anoor Ramakrishna. »
Kalpagam Swaminathan - A passionate veena vidushi
She is well into her 80s. But the age has not mellowed her passion for veena. The teacher par excellence is still willing to take on newer students! She was conferred the title Acharya Choodamani by Sri Krishna Gana Sabha in 2005. »
Flautist Sundaram - his esteem for Mali is boundless....
Sundaram recalls his golden days with flautist Mali in an exclusive chat with Sudha Jagannathan.
Born in 1927, S. Sundaram is one year junior to the flute maestro late Mali. Among a few privileged ones to have a close association with flautist par excellence Mali, Sundaram not only learnt the art the hard way from the genius but also transmitted the Mali's style of flute playing to his children. »
"My happiness and sorrow are all reflected in terms of Music" - T.N. Seshagopalan
A child prodigy, a Mother's disciple and an untaught student of many a guru. That is Madurai T.N.Seshagopalan for you. A stickler to tradition, life revolves around music for him. »
My guruji is the best example I can think of.
She is a learner. She is a performer. She is a teacher. She is an all-rounder. A disciple of violin maestro Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman, she has been given the D.K. Pattammal Award of Excellence for Young Talented Vocalist by Kartik Fine Arts. »
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