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Good music will always make an impact, says Eero Hàmeenniemi
Eero Hàmeenniemi, a Finnish musician, and Carnatic vocalist Bombay Jayashri have teamed up at the famed Huvilla Festival Tent in Helsinki to perform a few compositions of great Sangham Tamil work Kurunthoghai. In an e-mail interview, he shares his unique experience on the event with Sudha Jagannathan.

How did the `Red Earth and Pouring Rain' event go?
Eero Hàmeenniemi: It went really well. Both the musicians and the audience were very excited.

Why did you prefer Bombay Jayashri for this?
Eero Hàmeenniemi: I like many Carnatic singers. But my favourite singer has been Bombay Jayashri for a long time.

The Sangham Tamil work for the event - can you elaborate on the significance of choosing this one?
Eero Hàmeenniemi: Kuruntoghai has such very beautiful poems. Hence, the choice was not difficult.

What kinds of pre-concert preparations have gone into it?
Eero Hàmeenniemi: I have rehearsed with Bombay Jayashri in India and with the musicians in Finland before the final rehearsal week, during which it all came together.

How was your experience in teaming with a Carnatic musician?
Eero Hàmeenniemi: It was not the first time that I have done it. It has been a joy every time.

A combination of west and Carnatic - how well was it received?
Eero Hameeniemi: It was a combination of musicians from different traditions, but I was trying to write music that would not be a combination but a totally unified whole.

Is there a possibility for more such combined works with Bombay Jayashri?
Eero Hàmeenniemi: Yes, if she would agree.

Can you have this in India, too?
Eero Hàmeenniemi: Yes.

How did you get involved in Tamil works?
Eero Hàmeenniemi: I was very fortunate to study Tamil with the very eminent scholar Professor E. Sundaramoorthy. He was my guide.

What has been the gain from learning Tamil works?
Eero Hàmeenniemi: A world of immense beauty and psychological depth.

There are so many languages in India. Why Tamil?
Eero Hàmeenniemi: I like many parts in India, but in Tamil Nadu, I feel at home.

In the final analysis, how impacting such works are on the artistes, audience and others?
Eero Hàmeenniemi: Good music will always make an impact.

Bombay Jayashri & Eero Hàmeenniemi share stage to enthrall Finnish audience

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