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INTERVIEWS - Archive 2009
When they bow, Ganesh & Kumaresh sound distinct
They play together. They have been playing the duet as siblings for longer years than anybody else. Their music merges seamlessly. Yet, they work assiduously to retain their individual identities as artistes.
Carnatica Brothers moot 'culture park'
Carnatica Brothers Shashikiran and Ganesh have suggested the setting up of `Culture parks’ on the lines of technology parks.
My thoughts are dance, says Shijith Nambiar
They are a rare couple. They make a perfect match. For them, life revolves around Bharatanatyam. They see everything through the prism of this art form.
Dance is a way to celebrate life, says Umaa Sathya Narayanan
It is her passion. It is her obsession, too. Dance has been a life teacher for her. Life is too short, she feels. Not surprisingly, she is keen to make the most of it.
Music is an extension of one's personality, says Chaitrra Sairam
She is not into it by chance. Music is her choice. She admires her teacher. A dedicated student, she wants to follow in the footsteps of her mentor Bombay Jayashri. She is keen to internalize music and render it soulfully.
Dance gives a purpose to life, feels Vanishree Ravishankar
A disciple of Smt. Savithri Jagannatha Rao, she is a performer-cum-teacher. Dance is her passion. This art form gives her a sense of fulfillment.
Music has helped me to go within and look past external superficialities, says Shreya Devnath
A disciple of Lalgudi Shri G. Jayaraman, she has a clear cut goal. This youngster wants to be a professional violinist. And, she is working assiduously to achieve this.
Music has shaped my thought process, tells young vocalist Rithvik Raja
He is on a mission mode. With a blinkered-horse like focus, he stays on course to reach his goalpost. He finds pleasure in music and takes pride in pursuing music-related things.
Music is a way to reach God, feels vocalist V. Shankaranarayanan
He is many-in-one. He is professional banker. He is also a performing artiste. It is tough to engage in a jugalbandi of this sort in life. He loves it. And, he takes both seriously.
Carnatic music is the most complete melodic system in the world, feels Chitravina Ravikiran
Forty of forty two! This is not about how the dashing opener Virender Sehwag scores in the game of cricket. Well, this is all about Chitravina N. Ravikiran, who completes 40 years of service to the cause of Carnatic music in just 42 years.
Dance and studies are a part and parcel of my life, says Navia Natarajan
In this day and age when a lot of students of dance are lost to the IT industry or some other demanding careers, there are a handful of them who realise what they are truly meant to pursue, and take the brave step toward it.
MS - an inspiration and role model for Arthi Kumar
Arthi Kumar is a disciple of Shri Madurai R. Sundar (Detroit, Michigan, USA) and Shri Kolkotta K. Vijayraghavan (Chennai, India).
I am not a very classical person. I am quite catholic in my views - Priya Murle
Priya Murle, a senior disciple of Padmashri Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy, has been training at Shree Bharatalaya, a premier institution of fine arts in Chennai.
Swamimalai K. Rajarathnam Pillai - a teacher par excellence
Guru Swamimalai K. Rajarathnam Pillai (1931-1994) needs no introduction to Bharathanatyam rasikas. Doyen among natyacharyas, he was known for his musical talent, brisk jathis, elegant nattuvangam and choreography skills.
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