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Music is an extension of one's personality, says Chaitrra Sairam
She is not into it by chance. Music is her choice. She admires her teacher. A dedicated student, she wants to follow in the footsteps of her mentor Bombay Jayashri. She is keen to internalize music and render it soulfully. That is Chaitrra Sairam. She opens up her mind in a chat with

Tell us about your academic background?
I have done my M.S in Psychotherapy and counseling from the Mumbai University. I have taken up Carnatic music as my full-time profession. I have also done diploma in Carnatic music from the Kalakshetra-Rukminidevi College of Fine Arts, Chennai.

Who is your music guru?
I am a disciple of Smt. Bombay Jayashri for the past eight years. Also, I have learnt from Smt. Shyamala Venkateshwaran and Dr.R.N. Sreelatha earlier.

What is your experience learning from your guru?
I am extremely fortunate to have been learning from Jayashri akka, which has been a life's experience for me! She has not just taught music in these years but shaped my personality, giving me exposure to a better and more beautiful world. Traveling with her within and out of the country has been a great learning experience. She has been everything. A guru, mentor, caring akka, very broad-minded friend and what not!

What is your aim?
Imbibing, internalizing and rendering this great music soulfully is my main aim.

What does music mean to you?
Music is the breath of my life and the outer materialistic world can give happiness only due to the satisfaction derived within from this!

Who do you see as your role model or someone who has inspired you the most?
My guru has been the most inspiring person for me throughout. Her music, her perspective at looking at the world, her emotional balance etc. are all inspiring to me. I try to follow her footsteps.

How did you strike a balance between your studies and music?
Studies were a good friend to me. But I always prioritized music.

Do you think music has helped you positively? If yes, how has it helped?
The deeper one goes into music more positive does it make one. It gives an overall happiness and well being. Music is a sort of an extension of one's personality. Once this gets better, others too do.

How do you feel about performing in the ongoing December season?
It is a dream of any performer to be an active part of the December season in Chennai. For upcoming musicians, it is like the annual examination for promotion to the next higher level! So, when this comes true, it is almost like stepping a milestone to move higher (of course, one has to be successful in the examination!).

Prathibha -
Great! From childhood to now, the consistency of view on music is same. Hard to see this in this generation. God bless you Chaitra.

B Ravi -
I went through the entire interview, and I could observe the clarity in the thoughts and vision of this young musician. I would like to salute her for her respects for the Guru. Music is Divine. Only a few is blessed by God with this Divine gift. I am sure this young artiste will scale greater heights and create a mark of her own. Her MS in Pschotherapy is an added advantage for her.

Eshita Prasanna -
Excellent !

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