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When the Lord helps Jayadeva.
There is an interesting tale about Geeta Govindam (Astapadi), a composition of Jayadeva. A great devotee of Lord Krishna, Jayadeva goes into wild imagination and pens a piece. The substance of this piece is something like this: Radha is angry that Lord has abandoned her and chosen to go with other Gopikas. The Lord tries to mollify Radha. He seeks her forgiveness and begs her to place her foot on his head. Thus runs the `imaginative' musical composition of Jayadeva. But after finishing this, Jayadeva is unhappy. A feeling of sorrow engulfs him. So, he strikes down the passage he has written. He suspends his writing and goes to take an oil bath, asking his wife to take care of the half-finished work. Jayadeva, however, returns quickly and reinstate the same passage he has struck down and gives it back to his surprised wife and disappears yet again. Jayadeva comes back after taking bath and asks his wife to give him the palm leaves, which he has given her. When he takes the palm leaves from his wife and sees the passage that he had earlier struck down re-written, he is wonder struck. It quickly dawns on him that it is none other than the Lord Krishna Himself who appears in the guise of Jayadeva before his wife to rewrite the lines erased by Jayadeva. A solution provider, indeed.