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`Svanubhava’ - Not just an event but an experience to cherish

Anirudh Atreya
CHENNAI, August 12: The maiden six-day music festival “Svanubhava”, spread across three venues in the city of Chennai, came to an end on August 10, 2008 at the famed Music Academy. As the curtain was coming down, the students and artistes who participated in the event turned emotional. The artistes were touched by the huge presence of a disciplined student community. Such a spontaneous congregation of sizeable people – that too of music-learning students - at a Carnatic music-hosting venue was in itself a pleasant sight to watch and

enjoy. Often, during their lec-dems and concert presentations or the question and answer sessions, the performing artistes had to be reminded of the time. Overawed by the response of the students, they got totally involved with the music and overshot their allotted time. The young audience maintained a pin-drop silence all through and got up in unison to give standing ovations each time an artiste ended his/her session . No one got up during the tani avarthanam or in-between the sessions. It was really a great feast to see such disciplined and dedicated listeners in this assembly of music students from Kalakshetra,

YACM (Youth Association for Classical Music) and Tamil Nadu Government Music College. A few students from other private institutions, too, had voluntarily come for the six-day festival. One could not help but appreciate the aesthetic sense of the participating students vis-a-vis their dress culture. The girls had come dressed in beautiful sarees, the boys in dhotis and kurthas and small kids in pavadais, making the atmosphere colourful and music far more appealing. T.V.Sankaranarayanan, M.S.Anantharaman, Smt.R.Vedavalli, Jayanthi Kumaresh, Suguna Purushottaman, Sriram Parusuram and Ghatam Suresh, the artistes on view on the last two days,

Rithvik Raja
were positively touched to see such a huge gathering of Carnatic music students. They did not hide their joy at having participated in such a unique event. When the audience rose as one to give Sankaranarayanan long rounds applause, tears of joy welled up his eyes. An emotionally-charged Sankaranarayanan readily obliged T.M. Krishna to sing a note. And, what a marvelous way to tell, `I love you students’.

Smt R.Vedavalli showered encomiums on Krishna and Bombay Jayashri, who had made so many youngsters to assemble in one place like a Kadamba Malai (i.e. a variety of flowers plucked from the garden and made into a single garland). She gave a lec-dem on Niraval singing, the toughest part of the manodharma sangeetham. Parur Shri M.S.Anantharaman was so full of emotion while he gave a rare violin concert (along with his son and grandsons). He told the students that they could become great professionals if they devoted their full time to music. In this context, he cited the examples of great vidwans such as Lalgudi Jayaraman and M.S. Gopalakrishnan and youngsters such as Krishna and Jayashri, who were very successful in their profession. He paid rich tribute to his father Parur Sundaram Iyer, who was also his guru. He said his achievements were very little and likened it to the squirrel in Ramayana.