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Kumari Deekshita does a neat job
CHENNAI, November 23: Kumari Deekshita began her concert with a rare varnam of GNB in rag Andolika and went on to sing `Karimuka’ in Natai. She adapted the swaras of Natai Pancharathnam aptly.

An alapana in Reethigowla was followed by `Ninuvina'. She then took rag Hindolam. After a neat alapana, she sang `Samaganalole’, one of the master pieces of GNB She also rendered Padabnaja in Kamas. She then took Keeravani. `Neecharanabuja’ was sung neatly. She interspersed it with some nice swara patterns and jantai prayogas. Besides `Radhasameddha’ in Mohana Kalyani, she also rendered pieces in ragas such as Ranjani and Bahudari.

She was supported by K.J Dileep (violin) and Vikarm (mirudangam). Kumari Deekshita was guided by Rajigopalakrisnan and Prof. TRS The concert was dedicated to GNB and organized by Kalakruthi. The concert was held at Sankaralayam on November 21.