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Sumanasa Foundation to host UtsAha from May 14
CHENNAI, May 6: Six-year-old Sumanasa Foundation is planning to hold every quarter a festival called UtsAha, featuring talented young artistes. The first edition of Utsaha will be held between the 14th and 17th of May 2010 at Ragasudha Hall, Mylapore.

Sumanasa Foundation is founded with a clear focus to help talented children, especially those from the rural areas. Mr. S. Hariharan and Mr. T.M. Krishna are the brains behind the Foundation. Some of the objectives of the Foundation are:
  • Bringing these children to Chennai and getting a good guru to coach them
  • Giving them financial aid
  • Help them with formal education in some cases
  • Help them in getting a platform to showcase their talents
"We make sure that the students selected by us are not only passionate about music but also get the needed financial support to continue their music,'' said a release from the Foundation. Wth help from some sabhas, the Foundation, in the initial two years, had managed to provide a platform to some boys and girls to showcase their talents in Chennai during the December music season. ``The support that we got from gurus like Vijay Siva and Vittal Ramamurthy encouraged us to take this further,'' the release added. Currently, the Foundation is sponsoring six children in pursuing their career in music.

UtsAha Festival this year will focus on a scheme to identify individuals and give them a platform to showcase their talents. ``There are very talented artistes both in Chennai and other cities. They, however, don't get many opportunities in Chennai mainly because not too many people know about them. Also, the main sabhas get so many applications every year for the season concerts. Consequently, they find it difficult to accommodate these people. We feel that the best way to judge talent is to actually hear them live. This is what we are planning to provide, more live opportunities to indentify talent by showcasing them in Chennai,'' the release said.

Leading organizations in Chennai had agreed that they would use these concerts to send their representatives to spot talent in these concerts, the release said. The plan was to conduct music programmes, which would be attended by representatives from various sabhas to have a first hand experience of their talents. The organizations then would make their own independent judgment of these artistes, the release added. Artiste would be chosen based on recommendations from many leading artistes across the country.

For details, mail: or call T.M. Krishna at + 91 - 44 - 4210 8575