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NEWS - Archive October 2011
Maharajapuram Santhanam Memorial Award for Sudha Ragunathan
14 October 2011: Senior Carnatic vocalist Smt. Sudha Ragunathan has been chosen for this year’s Maharajapuram Santhanam Memorial Award.
DVD guide to understand Carnatic concert planning
13 October 2011: Do you want to get an insider's view of how a Carnatic concert is planned and performed? Raaga Rasika has launched the volume I and Volume II of "Guide to Carnatic Concert Appreciation".
Ravikiran & Trichy Sankaran join hands with 5-time Grammy drummer in Melharmony Quintet on October 15 at Pala Alto
09 October 2011: Globally-renowned stars will combine in a high-voltage concert on October 15th at the Spangenberg Auditorium, Pala Alto.
K. Hariharan, Secretary of Sri Parthasarthy Sabha, is no more
07 October 2011: He sports a commonman look. He wears the white dress always, his trade mark attire. The vibuthi is prominent across his forehead.
MS Memorial Annual Award for P.S. Narayanaswamy
04 October 2011: Bharatiya Sangeetha Vaibhavam (BSV) Trust has announced the schedule for Bharatiya Sangeetha Vaibhavan Annual Concert Series 2011.
Naatyaranga to present Keerthi Panikkar Bellal & Uttia Baru
03 October 2011: Kothamangalam Subbu family has an ongoing tradition of organizing concerts on the Saturdays of the month of Puratasi.
Impressive group violin concert at park
02 October 2011: 10 students, disciples of Carva Rajasekar, presented a violin recital that was much appreciated by over 100 music connoisseurs.