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NEWS - Archive November 2011
Indian Fine Arts to honour Narasimhacharis and Nedunuri Krishnamurthy
28 November 2011: The Indian Fine Arts Society will honour the dance couple Narasimhachari and Vasanthalakshmi Narasimhachari with Natya Kala Sikhamani award. »
Reaching newer audience, the T.M. Krishna way
26 November 2011: Innovation is the name of the game, it appears. With the Internet virtually becoming everybody's tool in this modern age, accessibility is just a click away for anyone and everybody. »
Sadhguru Santhananda Kalaa Kendra’s music fest from Dec. 25
25 November 2011: Selaiyur-based Sadhguru Santhananda Kalaa Kendra has announced the schedule for the annual music festival. »
Music Academy lines up sessions for the mind
25 November 2011: Like every year, this season too Music Academy will hold academic sessions every mornings during the ensuing December music festival. »
3rd edition of utsAha to begin on November 22
20 November 2011: The third edition of utsAha festival will be held at Ragasudha Hall here. The festival is being conducted by Sumanasa Foundation. »
Sruti teams up with Music Forum to host lec-dem mela
20 November 2011: The Music Forum has joined hands with Sruti Magazine to organize a Lec-Dem (lecture-cum-demonstration) Mela during the upcoming December music season. »
Lec-dem series of Indian Fine Arts to begin on December 18
20 November 2011: The Indian Fine Arts Society has announced the schedule for lec-dem (lecture-cum-demonstration) series for the upcoming music festival in December. »
National seminar on Mohiniyattam to be held in Chennai on Dec. 17
07 November 2011: Eminent Mohiniyattam artistes are expected to share their insight and experiences at the seminar. The two-day seminar is being organized by an online Mohiniyattam group called Lasyatarngini. »
Charsur Arts Foundation to present Ramayanam series
07 November 2011: Charsur Arts Foundation, a not-for-profit charitable organization, will present Ramayanam series. »
Sikkil Gurucharan first to present a Carnatic vocal concert in Slovenia
05 November 2011: Sikkil Gurucharan presented a Carnatic vocal concert for the first time in Slovenia. The concert was held on October 22, 2011 in the City museum of Ljubljana. »
EdServ CEO launches music album on Lord Ayyappa
05 November 2011: The Chief Executive Officer of EdServ, Manachanallur Mr. S. Giridharan, has launched a devotional music album titled ‘Ayyan Malai Engal Malai’ dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. »