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Bhagavan Naama Prachara Mandali Trust to host Panduranga Leelai in Chennai on June 24
CHENNAI, June 13: A-day-long programme on “Sri Panduranga Leelai” will be performed by Cuddalore Sri Gopi Bhagavathar in Chennai on June 24. It is to showcase how Lord Vittala Panduranga, an incarnation of Lord Krishna, comes down to earth to play around with his Bhakthas and bless great Sants like Pundalika, Namadeva and Janabhai.

Bhagavan Naama Prachara Mandali Trust, Nungambakkam, has organised the unique programme at Sri Krishnaswamy Kalyana Mandamam, South Boag Road in T Nagar from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. It will be a treat for Vittala Bhakthas and younger generations to watch Gopi Bhagavathar presenting in his unique style the Leelas of Sri Panduranga in the form of Anukarna Bhajans.

Starting with the unveiling of Lord Panduranga Avatar and Pushpanjali to Lord Panduranga, the programme will see Gopi Bhagavathar narrate Charithas of His great Bhakta sants such as Pundaliga, Namdevar, Sena Navidhar, Komabhai, Sokamelar, Janabhai, Rahidas, Korakumbar, Sakkubhai, Paramandar, Ekanathar and Nararhari Sonar.

Gopi Bhagavahar has been performing Sampradhaya Radha Kalyanam and Seetha Kalynam for more than two decades. He has been presenting Sri Panduranga Leelai in a dramatized format in order to inculcate and involve the younger generations into Nama Sankeerthanam and invoke Bhakthi amongst young minds.

For years, Nama Sangeethanam has come to be identified as the easiest way to beseech the blessings of Almighty in Kali Yugam. Many Bhagavathas have dedicated their entire life for propagating Pracheena Sampradya Bhajan all over India. By this, they have laid the foundation for the prosperity of younger generation.

Nama Sankeerthanam, also called “ Kirtan Yoga”, is the best way to beat stress and overcome tension. It assumes more significance at a time when the Indian economy is reeling under the impact of lower GDP growth and corporates seeing the adverse effect of global crisis with threats of downsizing, pink slips and lay-offs looming large.

By listening to and singing Gita Govindam, Kirtanas, Ashtapathis and Namvalis apart from dancing on the occasions, it is possible to feel the unique experience of divine and bhakthi.

In view of Ashada Ekadesi falling on June 30, the Mandali proposes to have a day-long programme (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.) of Abhang bhajans by various Bhagavathas at Nungambakkam Seva Samajam Trust Buildings, 43, Noor Veeraswamy Lane, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 34 (behind Nungambakkam Police Station).

The Abhang Bhajans will be conducted by leading Bhagavathas such as Dr. R Ganesh, V. V. Radharkrishnan, Kumbakonam Anantha Narayanan, Alapuzha Suresh and Mrs. Kalyani Margabandhu.

Mandali Secretary A Shankar said, “We have no commercial motive in organizing the programmes. Our prime objective is to create awareness on the importance of the programmes and spread Bhakthi towards the Supreme Lord”.

Those interested in the programmes can contact: Mr. Viswanathan (94440 11116) / Shankar (94440 10105).