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Dhvani to promote Indian performing arts
in Colombus
OHIO, January 19: A new non-profit organization has come into being here to promote and encourage Indian performing arts in this part of the world.

Dhvani, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to enriching the Indian community here with the best performing arts of India.

Dhvani is keen to bring leading proponents of Indian performing arts to Central Ohio. The objective is to offer Indian community here a chance to experience world-class performances in intimate concert settings.

Dhvani replaces Columbus Carnatic Music Association (CCMA), which has since been dissolved.

For the last couple of decades, enthusiasts of India’s performing arts in Columbus had dedicated themselves to the same cause under the umbrella of CCMA. "Over a period of time, the limitations of this association to support these activities were becoming evident. As a next step of evolution of CCMA’s mission, CCMA was dissolved, and in its place the new non-profit organization, Dhvani, has been formed to serve a broader cause, including Carnatic music,’’ says a release.

"Transforming into a non-profit organization will make the contributors eligible for tax deductions for contribution amounts greater than the basic annual membership. It will also enable Dhvani to secure city facilities like auditoriums at reduced rates. In addition, Dhvani will be able to seek financial sponsorship, matching funds and support from local businesses,’’ the release said.

Dhavani’s activities will include all the traditional performing art forms of India. The organization will seek to provide a platform for the performance of India’s many classical traditions by leading artistes from India as well as from North America. "Our intent is also to support arts and artistes who may otherwise be under-supported. The activities of Dhvani will include performances, lecture demonstrations, educational workshops as well as competitions to showcase the talent of young artists and children,’’ the release added.

Dhvani, it is pointed out, will strive to bring to Columbus high quality Carnatic music programmes. The line-up for 2015 includes Malladi Brothers, Kiranavali Vidyashankar, Bharath Sundar and Sherthalai Ranganatha Sharma, among others.

"Promoting India’s performing arts within the up and coming generations of the Indian community in Central Ohio is of primary importance to Dhvani,’’ the release said.

Dhvani will have a board of trustees, an executive team, and a number of committees to support its activities. For details, visit