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When music scores over medicine
Even as he was learning Carnatic music under GNB, he became eligible for admission to the Calicut Medical College. He was chosen in the second list. He didn’t think twice. He just gave up the medical seat, and stuck to music.
K.J. Yesudas, a singer extraordinary
In a way, I am beholden to Shruti, World Space's 24-hour Carnatic music radio station. Last week when I was writhing in agony with back pain one night they played raga Vagadeeswari.
Venkataraghavan, creative & melodious musician
The sweet strains of Mohana raga hooked me one December morning during my usual stroll in Girinagar. Mesmerised, I stood rooted in front of the house from where the music emanated-I was lost savouring the nice swara patterns.
Memories of flute Mali & mama
How time flies! And springs surprises! I knew him as an erudite music lover. Above all, I came to know him as a die-hard fan of flute Mali (flautist T.R. Mahalingam).
Bombay Jayashri Ramnath
Wealth, more wealth and still more wealth. That may be Adam Smith's theory of wealth creation. Music, more music and still more music. That is the philosophy that defines this classical vocal musician. After receiving the "Kalki Award" at Bharthya Vidya Bhavan in Chennai in 2002, she said she knew nothing other than music.
Lalgudi Jayaraman
One can go on writing tomes on the musical genius Lalgudi Jayaraman. But I will only attempt a short take on him here. The 77-year-old maestro has been playing for 41 years. His music is still as refreshing as ever. If anything, it only blooms afresh day by day.