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Kirtan yoga, best way to beat stress
Sankaran from Mumbai:
That was an excellent article. I loved reading it. Hope you will come out with more such enlightening pieces.

S. Ranganath:
The article is really nice. It is written in a very simple language. It contains a lot of information.
Gouri Ramachandran, Chennai:
Excellent. Well researched article.
V Radhakrishnan, Chennai:
Delighted to read your article. It came out very nicely. Happy to note the wide coverage given to the topic. Nice photos at appropriate place. I appreciate your effort in bringing out such a wonderful article. Keep it up.
N. Murali, Bangalore:
Excellent article. Great to see Vilangudi Radha Kalyan photos.
The magic of Murali - A tribute to a maestro
Srinivasa -
After reading this article, I went and bought "Pancharatna" album from iTunes. I am only few weeks old to Carnatic music. My god - just moving. Not since childhood did I have tears in my eyes.
Thanks so much for your article. It is well written. It is very, very useful to people like me who are new to music. It is so difficult to know who is really good. You showed me an easy way, I think.

Nedunuri Krishnamoorthy
Jayadev -
The points that you had put across are true point-by-point. When we used to learn violin in the same school where he once was Principal (Secunderabad Music School), we learnt about him from the members who were present there.

Selling 'Season December'
Thyagarajan -
Good to read the article. Chennai is called Mecca of Music, no doubt. All the artistes - right from top to bottom - get a chance to show their talents in all fields such as music, dance, mridangam, ghatam, morsing, flute etc. Young artistes need to be encouraged.Varuna Bagwan should not disturb the programmes.

Prabhu -
Good piece. But I don't want this too to be promoted and marketed and `PRed'. The interested will find their way. Even music and culture will then become a promotional product, which it may be in different parts of the world but let us keep Madras as is.

Music has to be approached with modesty, feel violinists
Vijayalakshmi & Krishnan
Ghatam Suresh Vaidyanathan -
I was reading this interview rather a little late. Yet, it is fresh as their music. These artistes are good examples of how a combination of superior music and humility can still win.

K.J. Yesudas, a singer extraordinary
Ganesh -
"En Nenjil Palli Kondavan" is a song which captured the hearts of so many listeners of Yesudas. And, undoubtedly, Yesudas has conquered the hearts of so many music fans throughout India and abroad. There are lots who wish to imitate his voice, but even the best imitatator can hardly reach to 25% of his voice quality, because his voice is a blend of mellifluousness, volume, metallic resonance, 3 Octave range etc. But Yesudas is not just his Golden Voice. His Bhava, his dedication to the song, his clarity, his divinity etc made him a unique singer. But it is a pity that only Kerala has honoured him as "Gana Gandharvan". He is a Singer the whole India has to be proud of.

Strive to ensure that the total effect of music is good, Bombay sisters tell
Ganesh Rajagopalan -
Neatly presented article. I commend you for giving a wholesome view of the Samvada featuring Bombay Sisters and Priya sisters.

A sincere work by Supriya
Lakshya -
You have done a good job. The picture is nice ....very lively. I appreciate.

Rashmi Menon -
Nice review. Really Supriya has taken sincere efforts to effectively present all those items taught to her. Good job!

Kaveri, Saint Thyagaraja’s muse
Thyagarajan -
After a long time, I am reading this mind-capturing article by Dr. Ramakrishna Easwaran. He has written the highlights of the beautiful Kaveri river and mentioned in the ragas saint sang. My namaskarams to Dr.Easwarana. Read several times then only we can cherish about the river.

Rohini -
Any krithi (the lyric and the music) is supposed to be be free flowing, natural & mellifluous like a river. Only then it is enjoyed by both paamara & the erudite. No wonder that Thyagabrahmam found the enchanting serenity in the flow of Kaveri and he could not help bringing in the references of the mighty river. Good research. The author is done awesome work.

Namrata -
A good read.

Navavaranams - A Study Of Oottukkadu Venkata Kavi And Dikshitar
Venkatakailasam -
Perhaps Swati Thirunal's Navarathri krities may also be included along with this. Nice compilation!