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Brindavana Saranga - A Most Pleasing and Emotional Raga
Saranya -
Nice article. There are many variations of this raga, I guess. I heard that Brindavana Saranga has the swaras S R2 M1 P N2 S - S N2 P M1 R2 S. Really a pleasant raga. I love Dikshitar's Soundara rajam aashrayE.
Sankarabharanam - A Raga For Creativity
Partha -
Please also say in your article which songs from movies are based on Carnatic raga.
My loving teacher.
Thyagarajan -
Yes, as Bhavadarini said, DKP was a legend. She was ever smiling. I used to hear `Nagathi guru guho jayathi jayathi', `Nan oru vilayattu bommaiya' and `Ranganayakam' in Nayaki raga. We can't hear her sing anymore. We could hear her only through tapes or CDs. My special kudos to Bhavadarini.
Sadaaagopan -
For a curd eater like me, these tid-bits are the main hay.... provide more please....
Rohini -
Point-blank truth

Deepaprakasa -
Good story. Reminds me of the famous Tagore story of Krisna coming to the door steps of his temple in his chariot, but all were sleeping, though they were fasting for his darshan only.

Sangeetha -
Very interesting social experiment.. It's really sad that education compounded by lifestyle changes doesn't allow a man to enjoy the finer things in life Very sad really! In the absence of appreciation for beauty, does man remain "human"?