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Art is not just an entertainment but a wholesome exercise, says dancer Lakshmi Ramaswamy
N. Elangovan -
I am glad with the way of life and approach for the art form, preserved in your hands and passed on to the next generation through Mudhralaya. I pray to God that your service to the human kind continues in this art form for many years to come.

Devi Ghanshyamdas -
This interview reveals that there is no end for learning even in arts which most of them do not know.I am very happy that most of the Tamil literature are coming to the picture, having given a dance form which is more intersting to watch...since am a lover of tamil...At one place, Mrs. Lakshmi Ramaswamy said that she had restarted her learning from thattadavu after her marriage. It is really a courageous decision. I admire this very much. Every production of her is of different of approach.
`More the styles, the merrier' - says kuchipudi artiste Mrinalini Sadananda
I think it is Dr. Ambika Kameswar's "RASA" that is being spoken about here. I would like to share a thought here. While a `grand' arangetram itself may not be a requirement, a proper exposure to the stage craft is necessary for a dancer, who aims to be a performer. Arangetram today is viewed more in terms of the money spent. It should rather be looked at as a graduation process of a student, wherein she learns not only to train herself to present a 2-21/2 hour recital but also to help her polish all aspects of the art that have been learned under the eyes of a trained guru. The arangetram training with good gurus is like 3-4 hours of rigorous training for 5-6 months, around 5 days a week. This definitely cannot be slighted. The process, if rightly done, does mature the student in terms of her performance skills. This experience in itself is of great value to a dancer.

Lalita Srinivas -
Learning dance - be it through gurukula style or otherwise - has never been inexpensive as Ms. Sadananda states, especially in the U.S. Many teachers say gurukula. What does gurukula mean? From what I see, talent and promotion of the student go hand in hand with what one can bring to the table. Parents needs to join together and set up a forum to see classical art is not misused by teachers, and the sacredness to learning our art is maintained.
When we follow our heart's calling, all we need is given to us, says dancer Ramaa Bharadvaj
Deepa Ramani -
Lovely! I loved your thoughtful answers. One thing I disagreed with though, is that out of shape dancers should not perform. I have seen that gracefulness and shape are independent. I have seen in-shape people without much gracefulness and out of shape people with plenty of gracefulness. I thought some of the questions were very common questions people ask, but almost offensive/provocative, and I was amazed by your patient answers. You're an amazing advocate for your art!
The magic of Murali - A tribute to a maestro
Raymond Jenkins -
Excellent Article! Very well written. Served to bring Balamurali sir closer to one's heart, just as his music does! Please keep writing and sharing them with the world. God bless.
Apoorva Ramayana of Tyagaraja
Rohini Ramachandran -
This is something totally new to me. Thanks for enlightening me. I am sure there must be lot of unheard of Apoorva sangathis in Thyagaraja kritis!