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Meeting of Minds and Music at Huvilla tent in Helsinki
Sangeetha Shyam
I read the article on the Finnish concert by Bombay Jayashri. Some months ago, a friend of mine told me about how this Kurunthogai poem was written on the London bus interiors. "Red Earth and Rain" and this Kurunthogai would have a lot of scope if researched. I am so stunned that it has already been worked upon by a Finnish music director!
Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan - A departmental store for music
Prabakar -
It has been a wonderful information. And, this particularly one will help the new generation vidwans. It is amazing to note that a single man called Kunakudi Sir could dominate the stage with the violin for many decades.

Sadaaagopan -
Thanks for the very interesting article - the tribute to Sri Kunnakkudi. As the two artists who know him well say he was a veritable super super market for can draw whatever one wanted.. no shortage whatever.... alla alla kuraiyaadu for his rasikas.....
Lalgudi Jayaraman, a Pancha Mukhi
Sangeetha Shyam -
The Lalgudi article really shows her Gurubhakthi. Amazing...
Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan passes away
The demise of Kunnakkudi R Vaidyanathan is very saddening. He was a multi- faceted personality in the world of carnatic music. People know of his deep knowledge of the system, his deft handling of and research on various ragas, his highly innovative, imaginative and captivating presentation of music to a mixed audience, his caliber for untiring asura sadhakam.....but above all, he was a friendly person with no self- assumed airs. He always recognised his rasikas, friends, acquaintances and admirers, even in thick crowds and had a word of affection for them. I knew him from 1976 and had this experience at an overcrowded Navaratri kutcheri in the prakaram of Madurai Meenakshi temple, at Raja Sir Muthiah Hall....and recently, at Vani Mahal, where he came as a special guest for a presentation of his tillanas..always a word of friendliness and a free laughter...very difficult to correlate with the awsome knowledge he carried....may God bless his soul...
SBOA student V. B. Bhavna presents vocal concert at Sunday Kutcheri
Vaibhuv -
Excellent singing. Nice feel while singing bhajans etc. Nice ghana in her voice.