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When Karambithlu is bursting with vitality
Rajarajeshwary Bhat -
Fantastic, mrvelous, awesome, wonderful !!!! We are eagerly awaiting the next shibiram.
MLV, Music & Marghazi
Venkata Subbarao Voleti -
The article on MLV is a befitting to her memory. i had the good fortune of listening to her in a cutchery she performed at Kakinada during early sixties - i was a soul-rendering!

SarojaLalitha -
Excellent & befitting article...Good luck

Sangeetha -
A befitting tribute...
Music Circle in Chandra Lay-out Bengaluru makes waves
Natarajan, Kigali, Rwanda -
It is heartening to note that Chandra lay-out music circle is doing a fine job in promoting carnatic music.Pray the Almighty it grows bigger and bigger and a replica of Chennai December music season at Chandra lay-out would be just on their cards.

Sowmya Raghuraman -
I wish to congratulate all the three pioneers of music circle and their family for organizing music concerts and running it successfully for the past three years. It is an insperation to many people. All the very best.
Sanjay Subrahmanyan: There's magic in his music!
Subbu -
Marvellous indeed is the article on Sanjay
Mani Iyer's mesmerizing music
Venu -
I am a fanatic of MMI, the god of music. I listened to him since I was five years old. Now I am 63 and still listening to him. He is like Sachin Tendulkar, the great Indian opening batsman of cticket - short and fair. His concerts are full of tempo.
Subrahmanyam -
Further to my correction on Kosalam kriti, there is a minor typo in Mr. Anantharaman's article. The Jyotiswaroopini kriti by Kotiswara Iyer begins with "Gaanamutha paanam". This was popularised by the late Kalakkad Ramanarayana Iyer and GNB, too, used to render it frequently. Palani Vijayalakshmi has rendered the Shadvithamargini kriti of Kotiswara Iyer beginning"Antharanga bhakthi". I guess he has done this as a gramophone record. During 1950-80, the AIR artistes (probably led by Veena Danapaani and flute Ganapathy) used to render vivadi kritis of Kotiswara Iyer under `vaadya goshti/vadyavrinda'. Among the present musicians, apart from those mentioned by Mr. Anantharaman, Ms.Vijayalakshmi Subramaniam and Mr.Mohan Santhanam invariably render Kotiswara Iyer's kritis in their concerts. Sangita acharya S.Rajam (elder brother of Veena S.Balachandar, who had renderd the 72 Melakartha ragas as records) and Ms.Vaidehi were the earliest to popularise these kritis through the AIR. Late Shri. Ramakrishna Iyer (a former member of Rajya Sabha) and his nephew Mr.R.M.Sundaram and Late Ms.Ananthalakshmi Nagarajan, a niece of Late Ramakrishna Iyer, were the direct disciples of Kotiswara Iyer, who, too, popularised these kritis. Another kriti "Gana naya" in Rishabha Priya (62nd Mela) was popularised by Ms.MLV. But Rishabha Priya has no "vivadi dosha".