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Malavika Sarukkai plays Ganga to perfection
Jayakamala Pandiyan -
Very interesting and informative site. Happy to see that you have started covering Bharathanatyam programmes, too. The review on Malavika Sarukkai's programme brought the programme live for me. Thank you so much.

Madhumitha -
Really excellent! Good work. Keep it up!

Poornima Koppar -
Thanks Nrithya, it was an interesting article, with a full fledged effort made to present the reality of the show at different phases.
Bombay Jayashri's concert evokes contemplative mood
Lalita Ramakrishnan
A very balanced review. Rightly said about the duo Embar and Jayashri. of late, I, too, have been noticing their performance together respecting each other's talent and constantly improvising. RTP (ragam, thanam and pallavi) is Jayashri's strongest point. An experience to go through and cherish. Every time she excels in that piece.
O.S.Thyagarajan: Delightful musical treat
Sangeetha Shyam
Love the phrase "Nadaswara pidigal" :)
Margazhi Raagam - A brave and rewarding experiment
Bharathi Srinivasan -
I just happened to see your wonderful review about Margazhi Raaga. I saw the movie in Satyam, a theatre which usually bustles with Young Couples, was full of wonderful Carnatic Music Rasigas of various ages. The whole movie was serene and wonderful. The movie was made with a very wonderful taste. The pooshani poo which was shown before every song informing about the raaga and composer added to the magic. It was a wonderful synchronisation. Great work and everyone who have contributed have done more than their best. Wish the team comes out of such good works every year.

Rohini -
Felt like I was sitting in an auditorium and listening to TMK's Varali! Excellent review.

Venkat Raman (Ramesh Anna), Chembur, Mumbai -
An excellent review, which literaly took me through the concert live. Though I am not a musician, I love to hear carnatic music. While reading this article, I almost felt that I was a part of the audience, enjoying myself. As we know Bombay Jayshree well, we felt proud of this young lady who has got one more feather in her cap after having achieved several accolades within our country and abroad. The report also highlights how aptly both T.M. Krishna and Bomba Jayshree blended to bring out the nuances of this art to the fore. I wish more and more success in their ventures, which will be a bonus to all those who wish to hear or experience such classical treats.