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K.J. Yesudas, a singer extraordinary
S.Prabhu -
Dear Mr. Anantharaman. I just read your September story on Yesudas - a very nice piece. I enjoyed the tale. It also took me back to some of my favourite Hindi hits of his - Kaa Karoon and Gori Tera Gaon, both of which I listened to again after a long time, thanks to your piece.
Sanjay Subrahmanyan: There's magic in his music!
Vijayalakshmi Thyagarajan
Namaste. I have no words to express the joy I have felt while reading the article on the great Carnatic singer Shri Sanjay Subramaninam. I have always felt that the man puts his soul into his singing. That is why we are also able to go with him and enjoy the divinity in his music. Like MS amma, he too renders all the kritis with sincereity and makes the audience so happy.

Sanajay may not accept the comment that he may be visualing the deities Rama, Shiva et al. But I feel that they are brought in front of our eyes. Or, should I say that we feel that we are in the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. I have heard his rendering of the Bharathi's Chinnanchiru kilye, sung complete by him. What a feeling he brought in this song. Nobody can describe. I can go on listing the emotions he evokes in the Tamil songs as well as others. May the Almighty give him a very long and healthy life so that he could give more and we also take more from him - I mean the music.

Sangeetha Shyam
Enjoyed reading this article... The author takes the readers along with him on his aesthetic journey. Well Mr. sanjay's music is definitely divine!
Elegance, thy name is Priyadarshini Govind
Vivek Menon -
I agree with the review. I was present at the performance and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I just felt that whilst rendering an abhang, the mridangam does not hold. Being from Maharashtra, I felt the sound of the mridangam a tad pretentious to the genre of abhangs. A dhol would have been more appropriate along with the nattuvangam. Further, the musician made the abhang a carnatic music rendition which was very distracting. Priya is one of the finest dancers we have in this country. Her dance is a visual treat. - Vivek Menon
An enticing dance show by Dasyam
Urmila -
The author says, "The curves which replaced the straight lines are a visual treat to people who are used to the strict geometry of Bharathanatyam." The author apparently believes that Kalakshetra style's straight lines define and confine Bharathanatyam. However, most Bharathanatyam dancers, who are non-Kalakshetra, do not think so.