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Veena Gayathri Award for six-year-old Ashwin Murali
Yamini Narayan -
Great Job Ashwin! We are so proud of you! You sang beautifully and you will definitely win more competitions. Keep up the good work.

Palghat Raghu - a trend-setter and a creative genius
Harish Thyagarajan -
Sir, it is indeed a well worded article. My guru, Raghu sir, was indeed a person of principles, perfection and discipline. He was a strict tutor and ensured that each student practices and perfects the lessons before the next one. This was even when we had classes everyday. He also ensured that students know the ways and means to maintain mridangams. I really experienced what is gurukulavasam when I used to stay with his family. When we used to stay with them, I clearly recall in September 1998 where for 5 days he made me sit with the mridangam repairer where he made me tie the thoppi and right moottu with the teflon kayaru. He taught me how to select the skin for the kappi mridangam, the type of kappi and the mridangam kattai itself. He was so fond of his students that he would take interest in selecting the kattai himself. On food - Idha pathi sollavey vendaam. He used to love Palakkad chamayel, spicy pickles. I thank God to have a great gurunathar and a wonderful family.

T.K. Thyagarajan -
Namaskarams. I have gone through the article you have written in Carnaticdarbar dated October 20, 2009. You have clearly and aptly mentioned about Shri Palghat Ragu and his life style. I am also a mridangist in Mumbai and my father late T.S. Krishna Bagavather used to encourage music in Matunga in the late 50's or so. Great vidwans like Palghat Raghu sir, Mani Iyer, T.K. Murthy, GNB and many more vidwans used to come to our house and have good time with my father. This relationship made me to take my son to become his disciple for the last 15 years. In the middle of the night also, he used to check the mridangams for the next kutchery. We are all lucky to be his family friends. A very good article I am reading after a long time. When his grandson Anand plays, we can't differentiate at all. That's my experience. Of course Abhishek also plays kanjira and follow the kanakugal of Shri Palghat Raghu Sir. Looking forward to many more articles like this.
Music, kids and God
Thyagarajan -
Nice to go through the write up. You can see the innocence with the children only. When they sing shyly, see each other and laugh and join together and sing, we forget everything and try to be one with them. Visit a temple and get an experience like this means you are very lucky. Flute make wonders while playing. Keep it up. All the best.

S. Prabhu -
Good piece. Have been wanting to visit this temple for a while. Good to hear that the flute is having an influence on the kids as well, in addition to the Lord.