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I want to touch the inner core of the audience, says dancer
Lakshmi Parthasarathy Athreya
Ameera D'Costa -
Super interview. Keep it up Lakshmi.

Bharathanatyam has awakened me, says Nithya Nagarajan
Deepa -
Nithya's answers are matured. May God bless her with success in every step she walks in life.

Shantha -
Smart interview. The answers are very clear, even to a layman like me. Keep up the good work, Nithya.

Deepa Pant -
The interview reads very well! Look forward to attending her performance soon. Best of Luck!.

Indu Rayadurgam -
A very nice initiative. Helps me to listen to the pasurams every day...

K.J. Yesudas, a singer extraordinary
Vinay Kamath -
Beautifully evocative piece on Yesudas !! A lovely mix of personality, persona and analysis of his music. Made for a very good read! Thanks for a nice piece.

A classical-cum-contemporary show by Shashank
D Govardan -
That was a very good review. Even a lay man like me was able to understand a little bit about the instrument and the ragas... Keep it up. In fact, I heard about Shashank as a child prodigy from my friend Rajesh Chandramouli. But, I have never heard him play the flute.

Dance gives a purpose to life, feels Vanishree Ravishankar
Raghuram -
Short but sweet interview.The wonderful art forms of our country will surely continue to reach new heights with the efforts of artistes like Vani. Nothing can polute the evergreen traditional arts of our great country.

Asha -
The reason that Bharatanatyam, and, in particular the non-vulgar Bharatanatyam, is so rarely on TV is very simple: While TV is a mass media, Bharatanatyam has never been s part of the mass culture unlike folk & pop dance.

Usha -
Hi, Great article. I am proud of you. Looking forward for more performance. All the best.

Rajeswari Srinivasan -
The Interview brings forth very clearly the ardent and genuine 'passion' Vani has for "Natyam"! We totally agree with what she says regarding cine, TV dances & realty shows. Why cant they have a 'Censor Board' for TV?