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Flute Mali - A trail-blazer
Ramesh -
What more can I say? What can I judge about divinity?

Lalgudi Jayaraman
Ramesh Parthasarathy -
His music brings tears to my eyes. And, I am a stone.

Avoid easy route to concert stage, violinist Embar Kannan tells youngsters
Vaishnavi Natarajan -
A good, noteworthy article to understand the various aspects behind each artiste and instrument.

Bharaitya Sangeetha Vaibhavam is to celebrate Muttuswami Dikshitar with a grand Akhandam on February 28 in Chennai
K.S. Ramachandran -
I attended a good part of this programme. Heard and enjoyed about 50 kritis of the inimitable composer-saint-scholar. The musicians rendered the pieces with great devotion. On the whole, it was a fitting musical homage to Dikshitar.

Music is an extension of one's personality, says Chaitrra Sairam
Prathibha -
Great! From childhood to now, the consistency of view on music is same. Hard to see this in this generation. God bless you Chaitra.

An engaging dialogue between flute & mandolin
Janani -
Sounds awesome. I was able to imagine how great this must have been. Missed a wonderful concert.

S.Srinivasan -
Nice narration. Makes us feel as though we were at the venue ourselves.

Understand the science of music to make it a beautiful art: Sowmya
R.Gurumurthy -
It was touching when she says music is God. Last week I went to the samadhi of the great saint Sadguru Tyagaraja Swami. I can feel and understand her statement after this.

When music engulfs the air ...
Sangeetha -
I love the article and the optimism. It gives me hope.

K.J. Yesudas - a rasikas' musician
R. Gopalkrishnan -
Dear Sir. Namaskarams. We have met several times at TVM and Chennai airports. Pleaseant memories linger our meetings at Chennai airport international lounge and also TVM-Chennai and Chennai Frankfurt Lufthansa flights.
Happy birthday to you. May Lord Guruvayurappan and Lord Ayyappan shower their blessings on you and family.
With every good wish. Regards to you and family.
R.Gopalkrishnan, Consultant, World Bank