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Lalgudi’s compositions, 21st century masterpieces
Madhana Raghavan -
Really a good article! His compositions are always suited for bharatanatyam dances! I love his musical brilliance. Long live Shri Lalgudi!

Percussionist T. V. Vasan is no more
Rajan Seshadri -
We are sorry to hear that Shri T. V. Vasan is no more. We are shocked to know about his demise. We offer our sincere condolences to the members of his family.

Lalgudi Jayaraman
K.R.Venkataramani -
May be, it is a sheer coincidence that I read this article when the maestro's 80th birthday is going to be celebrated with happiness and gratitude by his ardent fans at Chennai shortly. As one of his fans, I wish him long life and God's grace. His music is a great gift of God to humanity!

Donning Mira, Bombay Jayashri sends audience into trance
Shanthi Kannan -
One of the well written articles. It beautifully describes the musical melody of Bombay Jayashri. An in-depth analysis.

Madhana Raghavan -
Looks like it was an amazing show! The pictures are awesome, too!

Magline Rufina -
Very intense piece on music, history and people. Loved reading it!

Nandini Sivakumar -
Even though it was a performance of the same show put up some time ago, the way it has been written both times is different because it is a different experience each time. The reviews - the one on last show and the one now on the latest - seem to me to be like Valmiki's and Tulasidas's way of interpreting the Ramayana. I thought the review of the Mira programme a few months ago evoked a sense of bhakti that is apparent in Tulasidas's Ramayana. The experience of reading the latest review was more straight and sublime. Enjoyed reading both. Hope I manage to catch the show next time they perform!

Sadagopan -
Wow what a write up! What a language for Smt Jayashri. And, what a band of color photos! Everything is superb.
Hats off to the effective photos, the setting comes before me. I found Shri Embar Kannan's name among the artistes. I feel he is one of the most creative artistes among the younger band we have.

Thyagarajan -
Good to know about Bombay Jayashri's concert on Mira. Saw the photos. I would like to know whether I can get the CD of the programme. Is DVD available? I have gone through the article about the programme more than 3 times. You have described each and every song she and her team performed. My best wishes to Bombay Jayashri.