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Vasantha - An evening raga
Vasantha is derived from the 17th Mela Suryakantham, which corresponds to the Bhairav Thaat of Hindustani Sangeet.

Jati is Audav-Shadava. In the Arohanam, Pa and Ri are omitted. In Avarohanam, Pa is not used.Vasantha is a frequently sung raga.

It is an auspicious raga and sung in the evening. This is one of the oldest ragas, reportedly in vogue over 1000 years.

Swaras used by this raga is Shudda Ri, Antara Ga, Shudda Ma, Chatusruti Dha and Kakali Ni.

Arohanam: Sa, Ma1, Ga3, Ma1, Dha2, Ni3, SA*
Avarohanam: SA*, Ni3, Dha2, Ma1, Ga3, Ri1, Sa

There are compositions like Yetla Dorakitivo and Sitamma Mayamma by Tyagaraja. Muttuswamy Dikshitar had composed Ramachandram Bhavayani in Vasantha.

Hindustani raga Suddha Sohoni resembles closely the Carnatic raga Vasantha.