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Bombay Jayashri makes a mark with Dvi-raga pallavi
It was a fine Christmas-eve evening at Mylapore Fine Arts Club. The Sabha was full, as Bombay Jayashri prepared to give yet one more concert for December 2007 season. Often, Jayashri tends to make some experiments at this venue. Rasikas, too, come here with higher expectations.

They enjoy and appreciate Carnatic music magnanimously. It is not surprising, therefore, that artistes take a special interest in presenting new ragas-based pallavis for this special audience. Jayashri this year took up a Dvi (two)-raga pallavi at this sabha. It was a thrilling experience, one should say. Jayashri took a Sahana kriti "Giri Pai" for extensive treatment. It was just a moderate presentation. She provided a `Taniavarthanam session' after this, giving Ghatam Kartick and J. Vaidyanathan early space to display their rhythmic prowess. This helped Jayashri to bounce back with energy. Thereafter, the music on show was her best thus far this season. She took up the RTP in two ragas - Suryakantham and Chandrajyothi. Well, it was a tremendous pallavi-singing exercise on the occasion of Margazhi Tiruvadirai. She took the pallavi as "Bajeham Chitsabesham Chandra Suryadhi Netram", set to Tisra Jati Jampa talam. It really showed the artiste's creativity. She had beautifully embedded both the raga names Suryakantham and Chandrajyothi in the pallavi. She also transited into ragas such as Abheri, Sivaranjani and Bihag before reversing back to main ragas with splendid ease. The audience was almost in trance. What followed was a thunderous applause. The excitement created by the RTP had kindled the audience's interest even more. She surely served them with bonus kritis.

"Manikkam Katti" and a few pasurams from Divya Prabandham were sung with poise. A Tillana in Vasanti, a composition of Lalgudi Jayaraman, saw the audience swaying with appreciative nods.

It was also a special event and an exciting moment for the artiste. Her first guru (T.R. Balamani) had turned up for the concert from Mumbai.