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Sowmya excels in Chinnanchiru Killiye
`Karunai Seyvai' in Hamsadwani is the opening song for the Album titled "Chinnanchiru Killiye". Vocalist S.Sowmya has chosen some lovely compositions for this album. The CD is produced by AVM Audio and is priced at Rs.125. Vittal Ramamurthy plays violin, Melakaveri K.Balaji the mridangam and S. Karthick the ghatam.

The Tamil composition "Guruvayurappane" in Ritigaula is delivered with melody. She takes up raga Hamsanandi for a crisp expansion before presenting the kriti "Srinivasa Tiruvengadamudayan" of Papanasam Sivan. She intersperses it with swaras, making the kriti richer. "Kanavenum Laksham Kankal" in raga Suruti is quite a rare one and is laden with attractive lyrics. Sowmya render's it brilliantly. She follows this one with a viruttam "Mandirkkugandadu" in Sindhubhairavi. Tanajavur Sankara Iyer composed the song.

She renders it with poise. A famous song "Kaliyuga Varadhan" in Brindavana Saranga gives a pleasant listening experience. Sowmya manages to make it pleasanter. She goes on to render one more viruttam "Kunitha Puruvamum" with a combination of varied ragas Shanmukhapriya , Saveri and Bihag. It gives a different feel to a listener. "Idudano" in Hindustani bihag is yet another kriti to relish. The album gains momentum with the presentation of "Nanoru Vilayattu" in raga Navarasa Kanada.

This composition is popularised and rendered quite well by legendary vocalist D.K.Pattammal. The album also contains "Chinnanchiru Killiye" of Bharatiyar in ragamailika. She renders it enchantingly. The final composition "Karpagame" in Madhayamavathi was a favourite of Madhurai Mani Iyer. Sowmya presents it with her inimitable style.

Violinist Vittal Ramamurthy follows the artiste brilliantly with his unique style and the percussion artistes has played with quite a vigour.