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Sudha Ragunathan serves pristine music
Class is permanent, it is often said. When it is accompanied by experience, the mix delivers a wonderful outcome. Senior artiste Sudha Ragunathan was at her professional best on the evening of December 10, 2008 at Bramha Gana Sabha.

By apologizing for the slight delay in the commencement of the concert due to "some communication gap", she straight away disarmed the fidgety rasikas. She put them at ease by wishing all - especially the women - on the occasion of `Deepam'. She then went on to introduce the co-artistes on stage, a practice conspicuous by its absence in the Carnatic concert circle. Having settled down, Sudha Ragunathan went on to serve unalloyed music for the next 165-minute. If constant movement of people proved an avoidable irritant to co-listeners among the audience, Sudha Ragunathan went about her job unhindered. She began the concert with the racy "Ninnukoori.".

"Sri valli devase napathe.", a Natabhairavi composition, set the tone for a lively evening. The felicity with which she weaved long swara patterns in the neraval phase and the fineness in the use of pause intermittently showed her mastery over the matter. The Natabhairavi piece was preceded by "Om Shakthi Om Shakthi."

A Swathi Tirunal composition "Deva Deva kalayaamite." in mela ragam `Maayamaalava gowla' was sweetly rendered. One got a wholesome experience as she embellished this piece with neraval singing and swara build-ups. Both the pieces - Natabharavi and Maayamaalava gowla - saw Sudha Ragunathan at her inimitable best, as the swaras gushed out in neat formations like water from a fountain.

The Dhanyasi piece "Sangita jnanamu." of Saint Tyagaraja was well-chosen for the "Deepam" day. Music knowledge sans devotion is not the right path, says the Saint-composer in this song. Sudha Ragunathan betrayed a sense of dedication and devotion as she rendered this composition. She is indeed a blessed soul as the lyrics in the subsequent Dwajavanti piece of Rukmani Ramani suggested. "Sri Kanthimathim Sankara Yuvathim." of Dikshithar followed a lovely alapana in Hemavathi.

A Behag piece "Muruganin Maru Peyar Azagu" was sung beautifully. The ragamalika composition of Bharathiar "Chinan chiru kiliye." was riveting, especially to hear in her mellifluous voice. As Sudha Ragunathan began the famous number `Katrinele varum geetham." from the film Meera, there were approving whispers. Meera, music and MS - they have a lasting impression in the minds of connoisseurs. Indeed, Sudha Ragunathan had touched the right chord. Clear diction, deft delivery and ingenuous commitment marked her presentation. For musical minds, there were plenty to take home and dissect in leisure.