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Bombay Jayashri's concert evokes contemplative mood
Sincerity in approach and dedication to purpose marked her opening concert of the season for Sri Parthasarathy Swamy Sabha on December 17. Bombay Jayashri went about her task in a copy-book fashion, unhindered by the constant movement of people inside the concert hall.

A Khamboji composition of Tyagaraja `O Rangasayee.' was the main piece of the evening. She gave it an expansive space. The alap showed up Khamboji in its full glow, as she transited the octaves ever so gently. The pause, the subtle shifts and controlled elongation gave the raga a picturesque expression. As she began "O Rangasayee.'' gently, it cast a contemplative mood around the discerning audience. Having lived in the midst of envious people, the Saint-composer here begs for Lord Ranganatha's darshan. Tyagaraja's painful pleadings to the Lord found full expression in Jayashri's impacting rendition of this composition. The swara interlude in this song brought to fore the mathematical ingenuity of the artiste. This phase was remarkable for some deft bowing by violist Embar Kannan, who had played a perfect foil for Jayashri. Dikshithar's Varali piece "Mamava Meenakshi.'' early in the beginning was sung elegantly. The unhurried rendering of this piece had a calming impact on the mind. Here too Embar Kannan stood up to Jayashri in equal measure. A Kannadagowla piece "Soga suga juda tarama'' of Tyagaraja was racy and prepared the audience for the much-awaited RTP (ragam, thanam and pallavi). The Brindavana Saranga alap was neat and likeable. Over the years, Embar Kannan and Jayashri have evolved into a cohesive combination. The accommodative spirit of the duo is apparent. And, the team is good at giving innovative twists to their artistic works. The pallavi line chosen by Jayashri was: "Varada vara venkata ramana varana baya nivarana.'' Jayashri this time around built the RTP uniquely. There was something aesthetic about the initial construction of a swara formation, the way in which it was developed and finally taken to a crescendo. Bombay Jayashri employed ragas such as Rakesri, Desh and the like. The RTP was the high point of her concert this day.

Well, it was a nice warm-up opener for the season. And, Jayashri has given a clue or two to what is coming for the rest of the season.

A celebration concert for Bombay Jayashri and T.M. Krishna

Lalita Ramakrishnan
A very balanced review. Rightly said about the duo Embar and Jayashri. of late, I, too, have been noticing their performance together respecting each other's talent and constantly improvising. RTP (ragam, thanam and pallavi) is Jayashri's strongest point. An experience to go through and cherish. Every time she excels in that piece.