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Brand Aruna Sairam delivers
Communication is an art. This Carnatic singer has the knack of transmitting her music. And, she does it effectively. If proof were to be found, it was available in plenty when Aruna Sairam sang for Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha on December 18. The concert hall was overflowing. It remained so till she ended the evening kutcheri with the popular Gambira Nattai tillana "Kalinga Nardhana''. A request item, this tillana piece drew huge applause that lasted a few minutes. The penultimate piece of the evening was again a listeners' choice. As the audience roared in unison to demand this one number, an unhesitating Aruna Sairam delivered "Madu Meeikum Kanne'' in her inimitable style. It bore the unmistakable Aruna Sairam mark. She would never give a `no' to her ardent fans. Never mind these were repeated several times over in many of her earlier concerts.

There was variety. Yet, the menu sounded familiar. This likeable mix in the concert itinerary, perhaps, is a key attraction for her fans to come in hordes to her programme. This senior artiste assiduously cultivates a harmonious rapport with the fans. This bonhomie ensures a packed hall in her concerts.

The main piece of the day was "Raksha bettare doraku ''. A lovely Bhairavi composition of Tyagaraja, this one was about protecting Lord Rama from evil eyes by applying dainty mark Tilaka on His forehead. Aruna Sairam was soaked fully into the song, as she rendered it expressively. The delivery was impeccable and touched the right chord. Aruna Sairam adopted the `horses for courses' policy at Sir Parthasarathy Swami Sabha. The evergreen ragamalika piece "Bhavayami Raghuramam'' of Swathi Thirunal, the Brindavana Saranga composition of Dikshithar "Sri Rangapura'' and the popular "Jaga Janani'' in Rathipathi Priya received approving nods from the audience. "Saravanabhava Samayamithira," a composition of Muthiah Bhagavatar in PashupatiPriya, a rarely heard ragam, gushed out in a racy way. There wasn't a dull moment during her nearly three-hour concert. There was clarity in diction. There was something majestic about her voice. She was able to connect with the audience. That said a telling tale about Aruna Sairam the communicator.