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Unnikrishnan gives an impressive concert
P.Unnikrishnan's concert for Narada Gana Sabha on December 20 was enticing. His Varali alapana was brief and the Thyagaraja composition "Karuna Yelagante" that followed was rendered with charm. After an extremely pleasing alapana in raga Nagaswarali, he took up the composition "Padumanabhan Maruga Muruga" for a fine rendering. He made it lot more attractive by swara singing for a few cycles. The niraval line "Paramathmudu Jivathmudu" was compact, lending itself for an efficient rendering. He beautified it with brisk swaras. Unnikrishnan later did an expansive alapana in Kalyani, revealing his intricate knowledge of the nuances of the raga. It was pleasing. There were some efficient prayogas. Violinist Varadarajan played a perfect match for Unnikrishnan and displayed his prowess in a measured manner. Popular Dikshitar piece "Bhajare rechita" was rendered unhurriedly. He took "Devim Sakthi bijothbava matrukarna sharirinim" for the niraval and interspersed it with adequate swaras. During the tani phase, ghatam T.V. Vasan and mridangist Mannargudi A Eswaran played with gusto. There was dedication in their effort and the koravis were pleasing. If anyone had doubts on the prowess of this Carnatic vocal singer who has sung many popular numbers in films, Unnikrishnan's concert has sent out an unmistakable message. Unnikrishnan was impressive during the RTP round. He chose Andolika for raga alapana. Andolika suited so well for the evening. His tanam rendering was majestic. In the mid-way, he was accompanied by percussion artistes. This should remind one of the Navaratri Mandapam concerts in Trivandrum. Here, the tanam rendering is accompanied by the percussion instruments as well.

He took a simple and yet absorbing pallavi "Sevikka Vendum Ayya Thiru Chittrambalam" and strayed briefly into ragas such as Ranjani, Sama and Kapi. Unnikrishnan finally signed off the concert with a Kavadi chindu "Kanda guha Shanamuga" and a Narayaneeyam sloka "Yogindranam".