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A measured approach marks Sowmya's music
She wasn't demonstrative. She was cool and collected. And, her music was calming to the minds. Vocalist S. Sowmya had nearly a full house as she gave her concert for Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha on the evening of Boxing Day (December 26).

"Jaanaki Ramana Bhaktha Paarijaata Paahi Sakala Loka Sharana'', a Tyagaraja composition in Suddha Simantini, was rendered with poise. In this piece, the Saint-composer describes Lord of Janaki as `kalpaka tree'. The Devamanohari piece "Yarukku thaan theriuyum'' of Gopalakrishna Bharati, the Sahana song and the ever-likeable Yamunakalyani "Krishna nee begane baro'' - the audience demand for these is always insatiable. The Behag (Hindustani) piece "Smara janaka shuba caritAkhila lOkanAyaka mAmava'' of Swati Tirunal was very nicely sung. A striking thing about Sowmya is her no-nonsense approach to music. She has a cool head. Very strong on the fundamentals, Sowmya is not the sort of an artiste who plays to the gallery. The main piece of the day was `Eti Janmam', a Varali composition of Tyagaraja. "The more I look at you, the greater the urge to be looking at you without interruption,'' so says Tyagaraja in this piece. As she laid it out in a controlled way, Sowmya brought vibrancy to the Varali piece. The evening concert was marked for her measured approach.