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A graceful presentation by Pooja Kumar
Pooja Kumar gave a power packed performance at Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan. She started with a pushpanjali in ragam Valachi. Her perfect aramandi and her command over footwork showed up her practice and passion for the art.

She went on to do the Kapi padavarnam, Mohalagi, composed by Kunakudi Venkatrama Iyer. She portrayed the yearning nayika beautifully. She could have shown more variation in the facial expression while doing her adavus. The second half, especially with its pace, was a treat for the eyes. Smt. Savitri Jagannatha Rao showed her proficience and experience in her crisp Jathis and clear nattuvangam. This was followed by Aananda Natana Prakasam on Lord Shiva. While one always expects a piece on Shiva to be fast, this Muthuswamy Dikshitar's piece was slow and elaborate. The way the dance of Shiva was portrayed through jathi korvais in between was different. Especially the piece where Pooja danced only to the sound of mridangam portraying " Sangeetha Vinoda Thandavam" was pure perfection. Shri Nellai. D. Kannan's mridhangam does have something special- the clarity and sound itself is unmatched. He proved his mettle yet again.

Pooja did a abhinaya piece as the last item, a javali- Appaduruku. The nuances of Abhinaya were taught well by Smt.Indira Kadambi, Pooja's Abhinaya teacher. Pooja portrayed the nayikas frustration over being linked up with a friend while there was actually nothing going on between the two. The role of the innocent young girl suited Pooja's small frame completely.

Sri. Hariprasad (vocal), Sri Shashi (flute) and Sri Sikamani (violin) were part of the orchestra that accompanied Pooja. Pooja did her job very well. She is a dancer to watch. It is time she created a distinct style for herself and makes a distinct identity.