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Sanjay Subrahmanyan at his innovative best
Sanjay Subrahmanyan gave a tremendous concert on the Christmas evening (December 25, 2008) for Sri Krishna Gana Sabha. He was simply brilliant. His creative talent was in full view, even as he did justice to the kalpitha sangeetham. Rasikas were drenched in musical rain. The concert was also marked for thoughtful selection of kritis by Sanjay.

Patnam Subramanya Iyer composition "Ninnu Juchi" (Saurastram) was enough to connect with the audience instantly. A fine alap was followed by a Tyagaraja composition "Ithara Deivamu valanallanu Sowkhyama Rama". Well, a guessing game was already on. As the suspense was growing, Sanjay cleared the air by announcing the name of the raga. "The ragam is Chaya Taringini,'' he said. He improvised this kriti with some lovely swaras and treated the audience to a new experience. This kriti was followed by an alap in Vachaspati. Sanjay made some admirable prayogas of the mela raga. He then went on to sing the famous "Paratpara Parameshwara" of Papanasam Sivan. Well, this kriti has been made popular by many yester-year musicians. Late M.S. Subbulakshmi especially had made this kriti so popular. If his selection of this kriti for the evening was appreciated by the rasikas, his rendering style created a stunning impact on the audience. Sanjay always makes it a point to present a number of Tamil kritis in his concerts. And, he does it so with great dedication and vigour. The Kapi was pleasing. He traversed different octaves with effortless ease and stood at the middle octave for quite a while. It not only showed his sangeetha sadhaka but also his caliber to explore the raga with efficient ease. The Swathi Tirunal composition "Vihara Manasa" was exciting to listen as he did a niraval on "Purandaradi vinute papa ghana samire" with adequate swaras. He gave a good sketch of raga Kamboji and rendered a Gopalakrishna Bharati composition "Tiruvadi charanam enru naan nambi vanden". This perked up the mood inside the auditorium. He lavished this kriti with some leisurely and brisk swaras and enriched it further.

The concert gained elevation when Sanjay took up Chaya Ranjani (RTP). Mysore Violinist Manjunath gave a good account of himself, and wove some excellent sangatis. Sanjay made the RTP exercise enjoyable with his tactical and creative rendering. He took the pallavi line "Senthil Naadhanai Sevippom Varir". He changed to half-a-dozen ragas such as Behag, Anandabhairavi, Varali, Begesri, Sindhubhairavi, Hamsanandi and Desh. Well, it was breathtaking creative exercise and served as an IQ. He made it all the more enjoyable by rendering songs such as "Tunbam Nergayil" (Desh) and others appropriate to the chosen ragas. This particular part especially also served as a lec-dem exercise. Sanjay signed off the evening concert with a song "Maname Kanamum Maravade" of Sivan in Bimplas. Tanjavur Ramadass (mridangam) and Neyveli Venkatesh (ghatam) played with vigour, making the concert a complete success.

Sanjay Subrahmanyan: There's magic in his music!