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A perfect blend of style and voice
This venue is special. For an artiste, it is an honour to perform here. For the rasikas, it is like watching tennis at Wimbeldon. The Music Academy overflowed with people, as Bombay Jayashri gave her concert on December 26. And, Jayashri struck a bond with the audience in her own distinct style. The Nattai varnam "Sarasiruhasana Priye" was followed by Tyagaraja's "Ni Bhajana"(Nayaki), which made her to connect with the rasikas. Dikshitar's "Sri Balasubramanya" (Bilahari) was beautiful for the way it was portrayed. Jayashri further enriched it with a niraval on "Kanakavalli deva seno petha", spicing it up with some remarkable swaras. Her `Ganamurthy' was riveting. Kharaharpriya was handled very well by Jayashri. H.N.Bhaskar on the violin created a lovely sketch of the raga and followed the artiste with ease. Tyagaraja's "Rama Ni Samanam Evvaru" was rendered in an impacting way. The niraval line was "Paluku Paluku Laku thene lolagu mataladu sodarulugala ..mrudubasha" - almost the entire charanam line. It was tough gamble. It turned out to be a breathless exercise. And, Jayashri did it reasanobly well. This kriti is abundantly rich in sahityam. It says that Goddess Sita is like a tender and fragrant creeper on Lord Rama's bosom. The niraval line explains how Rama's brothers speak words soaked with the sweetness of honey. Ram, too, is soft-spoken (mrudubasha). Jayashri sang this with complete bhavam. Next came the RTP. Jayashri selected the rakthi raga Ranjani and brought the raga to its fore with her melliflous voice. She sang tanam in Begada and Hindolam. The niraval line chosen was "Senthil Nagar Mevum Kanda Vadivelane Shanmugane Guhane". This was set to kanda jati triputa talam. The RTP kept the audience on tender-hook as she criss-crossed half-a-dozen ragas such as Janasammodhini, Hamsanadam, Peelu etc in frenetic pace.

There was little time left for the thani, which was played crisply by J.Vaidyanathan and ghatam S.Karthick. Jayashri sang expressvely an Astapadi of Jayadeva "Viharathi Vane radha"(Karnaranjani) from Rasa Lila. It was so very pleasant to hear. She concluded the evening concert with one of her catchy tillanas in Vasanti.