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A promising dance recital by Rithi Ramjhi
Young Rithi Ramjhi gave a dance recital on January 3 at the Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium as a part of Bhramha Gana Sabha's annual Margazhi music festival Rithi, a student of Nagapriya Karthikeyan, started her performance with a Pushpanjali in Vaasanthi, a composition of Kalaimamani Smt. Girija Ramaswamy. This was sung beautifully by Smt. Girija herself, who gave vocal support.

Rithi's main piece was `Ma moham thane meerude', a composition of Dandayudhapani Pillai in Nattakurinji. Rithi engrossed the audience with her very expressive eyes.

All her sancharis were done well. Rithi's strong point is, no doubt, her expressions. Her abhinaya was a treat to watch. She, however, fell short in the Nritta department. If she works harder on her footwork and rhythm, she could reach heights.

Nagapriya's nattuvangam had good reach. One, however, felt that she could have given better modulation in her jathis. The pronunciation of `kidathaka tharikitathom' could also have been better.

Rithi went on to do `Thottu thottu pesa varan' in Behaq. The piece was choreographed well but it was a tad too slow. The naughty Krishna and his deeds that Rithi was portraying would have suited a faster version of the song. Rithi completed her performance with a Dhanasri thillana by Swati Tirunal. Her Nritta needed to be work upon even in tillana. Rithi, nonetheless, managed to leave a positive impact. Rithi is, no doubt, young and has time to improve. And, with a Guru like Nagapriya Karthikeyan, she has every chance to make it to the top.

The other members on stage were: Sri Ramesh (flute), Sri V. Vedakrishnan (mridhangam) and Sri Muruganandam (violin). The music for the recital was classy and tasteful.