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Nithyashree evokes adbutha rasa
Nithyashree gave an elegant presentation on January 1, 2009 for Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha. Her music was of superior quality. She made the rasikas ecstatic, with her delightful rendering. She was enthusiastic. And, she was able to bind the audience right from the beginning of the concert with her energetic singing. Nithyashree's concert was a combination of raga bhava, sahitya and laya bhavam. She had a complete sway right from the word go and evoked adbutha rasa. The opener "Sami Ninne" (Pantuvarali) was sung both in slow and fast tempo. She made Tyagaraja's Salaga Bhairavi composition "Padavi ni Sadbhakthiyu" richer with some brisk swaras. Her alap in rakthi raga Begada was pleasant, even as she moved up the upper octave with so much ease. She sketched out fine portrait of the raga, with attractive sancharas. "Thyagarajaya Namasthe" is a composition of Dikshitar's fourth(vibhakthi kriti) on Thyagaraja Swami of Tiruvarur. After a crisp alap in Bindumalini, "Enta Muddo Enta Sogaso" followed, much to the delight of the audience. As she beautified it with effective sangatis, the listening was pleasurable. Koteeswara Iyer's "Va Saravanabhava" (Bilahari ) was sung with poise, as she interspersed it with brisk swaras. She further perked up the concert by singing Shyama Sastri's "Devi Brova Samayamithe" (Chinatamani) unhurriedly, giving full expression to the lyrics with her striking voice. The concert gained elevation with a unique raga alapana of Madhayamavathi. The alap glowed as Nithyashree brought the visesha and the intricate nuances of the raga embedded with brilliant brighas. If it demonstrated the voice culture, it also revealed the pedigree of the artiste. The reach was enormous and the rasikas listened with amazement. She continued the alap for a long while and kept the audience captive. She sang a dyana sloka of Ramayan "Sri Raghavam Dasarathatmajam Aprameyam" and followed with a Tyagaraja kriti "Adigi Sukhamu Levva-Ranubhavinchirira Adimulama Rama" containing mind-provoking sahityam and multiple charanams. In this particular composition, Saint Tyagaraja portrays Lord Rama as a mystery. He begs to the Lord to have compassion on him (saint).This was the piece-de-resistance of the concert. This weighty composition got further embellished by the artiste, as she wove a garland of swaras with a niraval on "Nike Daya Butti Brotuvo Brovavo". There was sowkyam in the way she sang this song. Violinist B.Raghavendra Rao followed her closely with dedicated attention and skill. Tani avarthanam by ghatam S. Karthick and I .Sivakumar on mridangam elicited appreciative nods from the audience while they presented a delectable korvai.

Her singing of a Ragamalika piece "Naanenu Maditheno Krishnayya" of Purandaradasa in ragas such as Ranjani, Mohanam and Kanada was a good choice for the evening. A kriti on Badrachalam Rama "Rama Ni Namam Enta Ruchi Ra?" in Purvikalyani, a composition of Bhakta Ramadas, followed by a brief alap was rendered finely. Now came a surprise. Nithyashree rendered a composition on Trinity composed by ghatam Dr.S. Karthick. It contained good Tamil lyrics with details such as mudras of the Trinity and such other things. Nithyashree gave expression to the lyrics "Kamalalayam Tandha Mummanikal" (adi) in Sri raga. Karthick was extremely happy and expressed his thanks to Nithyashree for having sung it so well instantly after she had finished singing it. "Kakai Chiraginile" of Subramanya Bharathi piece in Misra Sivaranjani, was outstanding for the way she sang. She also presented one of her ragamalika favourite songs. She began like this: "Ragathil Siranthadu Kalyaniya Kambojiya". This song explains the distinct feature of the ragas. She also made it a point to sing the line containing reference to Todi in Todi raga and the like. The song tells about the features of Nattakurunji, Bhairavi, Kharaharapriya, Kamavardini, Bahudari, Suddhasaveri, Hindolam, Devamanorahari, Devagandhari and many others.

Lyrics such as "Kaveri pol odum Saveriya", "Paduthuranaga Cheyyum Nilambariya", "Taapam agala valla Dhanyasiya", "Daraniyai Kakka Valla Darbaro", "Manam Pagai Uruga vaikum Ranjaniya", "Mangalam padum Madhyamavathiya"et al proved a good learning experience. This is a composition of Cuddalore Subramanyam. Well, it was a good rendering. The sheer variety of the ragas served as a feast to the audience. She threw up one more surprise as she began singing notes "Ga Ma Ga Ri Ga Pa"(Sankarabharanam) composed by Prof. Sambamurthy. This particular piece is very popular in the instrumental concerts. This was made popular by late Madurai Mani Iyer with his riveting vocal singing. Nithyashree rendered this piece excellently with her clear diction and rich voice, making a great impact on the audience. She signed off the more than three-hour evening concert with a Tillana in Nalinakanti of K.S. Raghunathan.