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Daayinee - strong in thought
There were a lot of girls dressed similarly in white costumes, buzzing around the backstage of the Sivagami Pethachi Auditorium. This was after the performance of Smt. Aishwarya Dhanush at the Brahma Gana Sabha. We learnt that it was going to be an all-woman group production. Daayinee, a production of the Natakashaala dance company, was staged on the evening of January 11. The compeer tried to give us a brief idea of the presentation, though it was too much to absorb in too short a time. Each act could have been explained before it began.

The members of the group need to be complimented for being very co-ordinated. The quick costume changes were admirable. The production was on feminity- in the past and now. The continuity of the events was, however, a little confusing to the audience. It was more of a Nritta-oriented production - there was too little of expression than that was required. The three main dancers were Revathi Ramachandran (who is credited with the choreography), Kavitha Ramu and Lavanya Shankar. It was a production that had students of different disciplines. While Revathi follows the Melattur-Suddha Nrittam style, Kavitha and Lavanya belong to the Vazhuvoor style. To top it all, the show had Sujatha Mohan and Saradha Sethuraman of Bharathanrithyam. The production displayed good variations in the styles it showed. It had a few folk kind of segments that were done well by the students of Revathi. The production aptly ended with Bharathiyar's poem on Pen Viduthalai.

Lavanya Shankar clearly stole the show in the few verses she did on stage. Kavitha Ramu was good, but one felt she was not in complete form. There were parts that were completely footwork based. Every one on stage was full of energy and so much in sync with the music. It was admirable. The presentation had some high points as well. Nevertheless, it wasn't really gripping.

The production has been staged several times this season. But the music could have been better. The tunes were very simple, and not raga-based in several places. The Sanskrit dictum used through out was tough to follow. Things could have been clearer.

A concept of Smt. Radha Sridhar, it is valued for its contents and idea. The presentation in terms of music and reach needs to be further worked upon.