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Priya sisters sing melody to bid bye to 2009
The vocal concerts of Priya sisters are always melodious. They produce a soothing effect on the listeners. They are dedicated singers. Their devotion to music is sincere. Sisters Shanmukhapriya and Haripriya rendered a Todi kriti of Thyagaraja “Kotinadulu”. Their presentation of this kriti was simply excellent. The lyrics in Telugu were made richer with niraval at “Rangani Kaveri gani Rajilannu”.

The beautification of the kriti with swaras made listening a lot pleasurable. They proceeded to a Dikshitar kriti “Soundararajam Ashreya” (Brindavana Saranga). This was a good choice. The lyrics are quite absorbing. This is almost parallel to another Dikshitar kriti “Rangapura Vihara” in the same raga.Shanmukhapriya made a good alapana in Dharmavathy. As one was guessing if the sisters would render the famous Mangambudi Hanumantha, they surprised the audience by taking up a Koteeswara Iyer kriti, “Kanda bhakta chintamani”.

Priya sisters always present a wide range of kritis. They also introduce a few new kritis as well. This Tamil kriti with catchy lyrics “Nambi Kettavar Evar Ayya”(Hindolam) was a delightful rendition. Haripriya made a mind-catching alap in Mohana. Her voice was absorbing and the raga bhavam came into fore as she created attractive sancharas laden with brighas.”Mohana Rama” of Thyagaraja was charming in this rakthi ragam. They gave a good expression to the lyrics. They made it richer by embellishing it with swara prastharas and niraval at “Mohana Rama Modita Deivama”. The sisters treated the audience to a jugalbandi sort of concert as each took turns in rendering the swaras for a few cycles.

Tani avarthanam was attractive with Satish Kumar playing with dedicated involvement. Kanjira artiste B.Sunder Kumar did his part quite well. The next part of the concert saw the sisters render captivating tukkadas such as “Matsya Kurma Varaha”(ragamalika). When they took up the famous “Sri Chakra Raja”, it went down very well with the audience. They sang a Hindi composition “Ram Nama Rasa Pi”(Desh) with melody and brought the curtain down with a lali song “Jo Achytutananda”(Navroj) of Annamacharya. Well, the Priya sisters made the final evening of 2009 a joyous experience, for those who had made it to Sri Parthasarthy Sabha.