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Winning mind share, the Bombay Jayashri way
Bombay Jayashri sings her best at this venue. This season too the story was not different as she gave a concert for Mylapore Fine Arts Club on December 24, 2009. In fact, this has become her favourite stage for many seasons now. Rasikas who flock to this venue have good measure music appreciation quality in them. Often one could find them discussing some musical aspect or the other of a performer on stage. And, they don’t fail to appreciate a good musician. Jayashri, bearing the Lalgudi torch, invariably comes fully prepared to treat the overwhelming audience to an excellent music.

Jayashri was energetic through out the nearly two-and-a-hour concert. She retained the energy level to the end. She was focused as always. The constant noise raised by passing vehicles didn’t disturb her a bit. She did not waste a single moment. Such was the discipline she followed. Harikatha singers, reputed musicians and leading artistes formed part of the audience to listen to Jayashri’s concert. That told its own tale about her music and Jayashri the person.

Jayashri was impressive right from the word go. There was never a dull moment in her concert. Her selection of kritis was thoughtful. She presented a few not-so-often heard Thyagaraja kritis such as Sri Narada (Kanada) and Na Jeeva Dhara (Bilahari). They were really absorbing. “Rama Ni Samanam Evaru (Kharaharapriya) was rendered exceptionally well. The alap that preceded this was bewitching. The niraval at “Paluku Palluku Lakhu Teneloluku Mataladu Sodarugala” was sung in different tempos and the kalpanaswaras were remarkably enjoyable. “Jaya Jaya Swamin (Natai), a Tarangam piece – early at the beginning set the tone for a lively evening concert. “Kandan Seyal Andro (Natakurinji) of Lalgudi Jayaraman cut deep into the heart. “Nivadene Gana” (Janaranjani) was sung with poise. Jayashri made the RTP (Ragam, Tanam and Pallavi) a grand fare with a three-raga Pallavi. It was an adventurous exercise, just like a Trapeze swing. As she sang tanam, Sama, Bindumalini and Brindavana Saranga followed one by one beautifully. She crafted a lovely pallavi line “Anbin Vadive Ten Madurai Vaaz Annaiye Un Taal Paninden”. It was set to Kanda Jathi Triputa talam in erandu kalai. It was a mind boggling rendering with Kalapanaswaras in additional ragas such as Kamas, Hamsanandi etc.

Even long after the concert had ended, people weren’t still finished guessing as to the ragas appeared in the RTP. Jayashri always had the knack of slipping in a few newer similarly sounding ragas in the ragamalika. (Madhukauns instead of Chandrakauns for example). She sort of prepares the audience for an IQ test and makes them think a lot more. Jayashri signed off the evening with a fine Astapadi “Alokaya Krishna” in Charukesi and a Tillana in Yamunakalyani. It was a beautiful Christmas-eve evening for those who had made it to her concert. They had lot to take home in terms of musical experience.

Taniavarthanam by J. Vaidyanathan and Ghatam S.Karthick was exhilarating. They deserve a pat on their back for their subtle support which put focus firmly on the lead artiste. H.N. Bhaskar on the violin followed Jayashri like a shadow and stayed focused even while playing some appreciative strokes.

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