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Honesty of purpose marks Sudha Ragunathan's concert for Brahma Gana Sabha
CHENNAI, December 8: It was a rainy Sunday evening. Those who had made it to Sivagami Petachi Auditorium on the evening of December 5, however, experienced a rain of a different sort too. It was pouring music, as Sudha Ragunathan gave a scintillating performance for Brahma Gana Sabha. There was honesty of purpose in her singing. She matched it with a grand variety of kalpitha sangeetham and kalpana sangeetham. Her voice traversed the three octaves with ease. Her rendition was effortless. The music, too, was rich. Her pedigree showed on this day especially with her in-depth music. She looked devotion personified all through the concert which went beyond three hours. Over the years, Sudha has acquired an inimitable style of her own. Not just her guru’s popular songs but even the kritis which bear the MS brand come out so beautifully as she deliver them with enormous felicity. Her rendition also brought to light the discipline Sudha has followed to acquire this status. Her concert surely holds a lesson or two to modern day youngsters who aspire to become successful musicians.

Sudha made the MS-popularised “Sogasuga Mridanga Talamu absolutely attractive. There was an expansive alapana in Sriranjani. Embar Kannan on violin proved a perfect foil.Thanks to admirable support by percussion artistes, the rendering proved very enjoyable. The communication between the artistes on stage was perfect. The accompanists were inspired by the enthusiasm shown by the main artiste. The subject matter of the kriti is also related to a percussion instrument. Sudha also impressed with a Tyagaraja kriti “Muddu Momu”(Suryakantham).

Arunachala Kavi’s “En Kanavai Kelai Amma Janaki” (Sankarabharanam) was sung extremely well. Sudha's Danyasi alapana was mind-inspiring. She rendered “Meena Lochana Brova” of Syama Sastri. She beautified the kriti with swaras and neraval at “Samagamana Nivu Tamasamu”. She peppered the concert with “Rama Rama”(Vasantha) of Purandaradasa before moving to the RTP (Ragam, Tanam and Pallavi) in Shanmukhapriya. There was grace in her tanam singing. The pallavi line was “Devi Sri Uma Maheswari Bala Tripurasundari Ni Dayai Purivaye” (set to tisra jati ata talam in two kalai). She decorated the pallavi with swaras in ragas such as Jaganmohini, Desh, Kanada and Revathy and reversed back to Shanmukhapriya.Tani avarthanam by Mannargudi Easwaran (mridangam) and Raman (morsing) went down very well with the audience, as the senior artistes made it an entertaining session. Sudha went on to render “Ethanai Koti Enbam Vaithai” (Chakravaham) of Bharathiyar and Purandaradasa kriti “Baro Krishnayya” (Ragamalika). “Man ke anke kolo” was impacting to the mind. She brought the concert to an end with “Katrinile Varum Geetham”.

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