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Purity marks Sowmyas recital for Brahma Gana Sabha
CHENNAI, December 13: S. Sowmya’s concert for Brahma Gana Sabha on December 11, 2010 was fascinating. She strictly adhered to the tradition. Yet, there was contemporary flavor to her concert. Her strong theoretical knowledge was in full display. And, the quality of music was rich. ``Sobillu Saptaswara (Jaganmohini)’’ was a good rendition. The delineation of Nasikabhushani, the 70th Melaraga, bore a distinct style. She brought out the beauty of the raga brilliantly. Thyagaraja’s “Maravairi Ramani” was sprinkled with inspiring swaras, making it exquisite. It gave a wholesome listening experience. ``Manasa Guruguha (Anandha Bhairavi)’’ of Dikshitar contains captivating lyrics. A dedicated rendering made the kriti all the more impacting on the listeners. Rakthi raga Sahana was pleasing to ears. “Chittham Erangadu” of Papanasam Sivan was melodious. A racy kriti “Parakuni Kelara Rama (Kiranavali)” before the RTP (ragam, tanam and pallavi) raised the audience’s expectation. RTP was conceived brilliantly. Sowmya picked Kokilapriya, the eleventh Melakartha, since it was the eleventh day of December. She rendered a grand tanam with lots of variations. Her musical mastery shined like a star in the night sky. Her swara singing was riveting. She chose a simple pallavi: “Kothanda Ramam Anisham Bhajami” in Adi talam two kalai. She put the audience to comfort with an easy singing. One was reminded of what Mr. Gopalakrishna Gandhi, former Governor of West Bengal, had said elsewhere. According to him, people should not come to concerts as juries but to listen with an open mind. Sowmya indeed brought tranquility to the minds of listeners that evening with a concert that was shorn of avoidable frills reflecting a rich patanthara. After viruttams in ragamailika, she sang a couple of Bharathiyar compositions including “Kala Unnai Pullai Madikiran”. It was thoughtful of her to pick these songs as poet Bharatiyar’s birthday fell on this day. She concluded the concert with a Kavadi chindu and a racy tillana. Manoj Shiva played the mridangam with verve. Embar Kannan, as usual, was impressive on the violin. The two combined efficiently to make it a high quality recital.

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