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Flautist T.A. Jayanth makes a big impact in
chamber concert
CHENNAI, December 18: It was a serene ambience. And, there was a small gathering of rasikas. They had collected at Shri V.Chandrasekharan's house on Musiri Subramainam Salai in Mylapore to listen to a chamber concert held in honour of Musiri Subramainam. The small audience was treated to a fabulous flute concert by senior artiste Shri T.S. Sankaran and his grandson T.A. Jayanth. The concert, held on December 12, 2010, began at 4 p.m. They commenced their concert with a varnam "Ninnukori"in the ragam Mohanam set to Adi talam. It is a composition of Ramanathapuram Sreenivasa Iyengar. The tisra nadai in the charanam and swara prastharam were very interesting and the flautists were wonderful. Shri V.L. Sudarshan was very good on the violin. Mridangist Mannarkoil Shri J. Balaj made his presence felt with some precise calculations and catchy strokes in thisra nadai.

"Gajananayutham" in Chakaravakm (Adi talam), a composition of Muthuswamy Dikshitar, was played neatly. The young flautist particularly was impressive in his usage of swaraprastharam. After playing " Niravadhi Sukhada" in ragam Ravichandrika, a composition of Saint Thyagaraja, Jayanth rendered the Ragam Keeravani. The alapana by both Jayanth and Shri Sudarshan was excellent. This was followed by "Kaligiyunte gadaa ", yet another composition of Saint Thyagaraja. The mridangist did an admirable job in lending just adequate support to the flautists. He followed the sahithyam and played without being a hindrance to the main artistes. Jayanth's rendering of Kambhoji was very good. He followed it up with "Thiruvadi charanam", a composition of Gopalakrishna Bharathi. Kapi was chosen as the main raga for the ragam, thanam and pallavi (RTP). Jayanth impressed with his Kapi alapana.

Shri Sudarshan's Kapi elaboration was very smooth and melodious on the violin. Shri Sankaran's rendering of tanam was very good. Pallavi rendering and the employment of swaraprastharam in ragamalika were really exciting. The ragas deployed by them in the RTP phase were very touchy [Jog and Madhuvanthi]. During the thani avarthanam, Balaji was impressive. His presentation was very refined and precise. He maintained an accurate meter of rhythm {Kalapramanam}.

After a few thukkadas such as"Magudi" and "Krishna nee begane" in ragam Yamankalyani, they concluded the concert with "Bhaja Bhaja manasa" in Sindhubhairavi. On the whole, it was wonderful evening of music.

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