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REVIEW - Archive 2011
When her music elevates lyrical values …
By Sudha Jagannathan

It was a classical recital by Bombay Jayashri on December 27, 2011 for Music Academy. The concert stood out for her interpretation of Varali and Sankarabharanam. »
Brand extension, the Lalgudi siblings show the way
By Sudha Jagannathan

The violin recital of siblings Lalgudi G.J.R. Krishnan and Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi for Mylapore Fine Arts Club on the morning of January 1, 2012 for Mylapore Fine Arts Club was of Gold Standard. It was an unalloyed and tradition-rooted performance. »
Priya sisters play perfect duo
By Sudha Jagannathan

They are charming. They play the perfect duo. And, they have the ability to balance their singing and temperament to adjust their styles. »
Classical texture, contemporary style
By Sudha Jagannathan

In this modern mechanized world, Bombay Jayashri creates a tranquilizing effect with her magical ability to weave magnificent music. She was elegant as she brought lilting melody to the beautiful vivadi mela Vagadeeshwari with her impeccable voice. »
An elegant presentation
By Sudha Jagannathan

Sudha’s Hemavathy alapana shone like a ruby embedded in an ornament. She handled it with felicity and explored the raga brilliantly. »
Nithyashree strikes a perfect chord
By Sudha Jagannathan

Nithyashree proved different with an expansive alap. She strictly adhered to the tradition and made it a point to present classical music in its purest form. »
An ageless show of a musical tradition
By Sudha Jagannathan

Vasundhara Komkali, endowed with a rich voice, made an impact on the audience. Maru Bihag alaap by Vasundhara Komkali and her daughter- disciple Kalapini was presented with grandeur. »
A musical treat for “Someone Special”!
By Sudha Jagannathan

Yet another edition of The Hindu Friday Review November Fest began at the famed Music Academy here on Friday. »
Sikkil Gurucharan first to present a Carnatic vocal concert in Slovenia
By A Special Correspondent

Sikkil Gurucharan presented a Carnatic vocal concert for the first time in Slovenia. The concert was held on October 22, 2011 in the City museum of Ljubljana. »
Violinist Narmadha concert – a feast to ears
By Vanishree Ravishankar

The solo violin concert of Kalaimamani Dr. M. Narmadha at Ragasudha Hall, Mylapore, was a feast to the ears. The concert was organized by Nada Inbam recently. »
When music transcends barriers …
By Sudha Jagannathan

They are practitioners of distinct styles of music. They hail from different regions. Their presence on a common stage triggers confluence of a melodic sort, where North and South meet for Carnatic and Hindustani dialogue. »
Duality in music and life
By Sudha Jagannathan

This is the first time that these two leading vocalists from different Carnatic styles have chosen to share platform that too at Music Academy. »
A classical recital by Narasimhacharis
By Sudha Jagannathan

The legendary dance couple - Narasimhachari and Vasanthalakshmi Narasimhachari – treated the audience at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on the evening of January 29, 2011 to a scintillating Kuchipudi recital. »
A sincere effort by Chaitrra Sairam
By Sudha Jagannathan

Young Chaitrra Sairam is a vocalist to watch. A disciple of Bombay Jayashri, Chaitrra presented a concert for Charsur Arts Foundation on January 28, 2011 at Narada Gana Sabha, Mini Hall. »
Veena Jeyaraajs cast a magical web in a marathon concert
By Radhika Raj Narayan

The Veena couple - Jeyaraaj Krishnan and Jaysri Jeyaraaj – made the evening memorable for those who had made it to the venue that evening. It was billed to be a ‘four-hour Veena concert’. »
Murugashankari, a dancer to watch
By Chris Selvina

The term ‘breath-taking’ took on new meaning as Murugashankari, a proficient Bharatanatyam dancer, performed at the “Margazhi Dance Festival” of Brahma Gana Sabha on January 7, 2011. »
Jazzing up the season, the Ghatam Suresh way
By Our Special Correspondent

Ghatam V Suresh, a globally acclaimed multi-percussion artiste, presented a special jazz concert with his band “Clay n Drum India” for Sri Krishna Gana Sabha here on January 2. »
Aestheticism marks Vishaka Hari’s discourse on Parvathi kalyanam
By Sudha Jagannathan

A chartered accountant, a vocalist and a story-teller, she is all rolled in one. She has a charming disposition and sports classical attire. A mellifluous voice and an easy narrative skill make this Madisar-clad artiste a communicator par excellence. »
Meenakshi Raghavan draws rural audience to classical dance
By Sudha Jagannathan

For a Bharatnayam recital, the attendance was fairly sizeable. The profile of the audience was not exactly the kind one usually sees at regular dance shows in the city. »
Shashank’s recital turns out to be a TVG (True Value Giver)!
By Sudha Jagannathan

Flautist S. Shashank is a genius. He has the ability to express the brilliance in him. He did exactly that at Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha. With TVG (T.V. Gopalakrishnan) accompanying him on the mridangam, it turned out to be an artistic duel between two extraordinary musicians. »
Pleasant Priya sisters make a mark
By Sudha Jagannathan

The whether outside was inclement. The music inside the hall, however, was pleasant. Quality marked the concert of Priya siblings - Haripriya and Shanmukhapriya - for Brahma Gana Sabha on the evening of December 16, 2010. »
A signature concert by Sanjay
By Sudha Jagannathan

Sanjay Subramaniam was in his element. Dikshitar’s “Budamashrayami”(Nattakurinji) was an intelligent selection on this Wednesday evening. The Navagraha kritis of Dikshitar are also referred to as `vara kritis’ (weekly kritis). »
A rendezvous with joy
By Sudha Jagannathan

She was relaxed. She was easy. Her smile was infectious. She looked a very different artiste this evening. She was out to enjoy her music. Not surprisingly, Bombay Jayashri’s concert for Kalarasna on the cool Sunday evening. »
A no-frill concert by Vijay Shiva
By Sudha Jagannathan

Considering his superior musical knowledge, Vijay Shiva has not been given his due by the media in its columns. Of late, however, his singing has been drawing a large fan following for him. »
Flautist T.A. Jayanth makes a big impact in chamber concert
By Vanishree Ravishankar

It was a serene ambience. And, there was a small gathering of rasikas. They had collected at Shri V.Chandrasekharan's house on Musiri Subramainam Salai in Mylapore to listen to a chamber concert held in honour of Musiri Subramainam. »
A command concert by Ranjani & Gayatri
By Sudha Jagannathan

Sisters Ranjani and Gayatri held a complete sway over the audience as they synchronized in an elegant and effortless way to produce a high-energy concert for Brahma Gana Sabha on the evening of December 12, 2010. »
Purity marks Sowmya’s recital for Brahma Gana Sabha
By Sudha Jagannathan

S. Sowmya’s concert for Brahma Gana Sabha on December 11, 2010 was fascinating. She strictly adhered to the tradition. Yet, there was contemporary flavor to her concert. »
Honesty of purpose marks Sudha Ragunathan's concert for Brahma Gana Sabha
By Sudha Jagannathan

It was a rainy Sunday evening. Those who had made it to Sivagami Petachi Auditorium on the evening of December 5, however, experienced a rain of a different sort too. »
A sincere work by Supriya
By Nrithya.Pillai

Supriya Rajan presented a Mohiniyattam recital as a part of the Pushpanjali Trust series under the Mylapore Fine Arts banner on November 16, 2010. »
Winning fans, the Aruna Sayeeram way
By Sudha Jagannathan

The Bharat Sangeeth Utsav began on October 30, 2010 with a concert of Aruna Sayeeram at Narada Gana Sabha. She put the young and old alike to comfort with her vibrant voice. »