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An enticing recital by Priya sisters
CHENNAI, December 10: My kutcheri season this year started on a somewhat unwilling note. I had official work to complete, and I was very keen to finish it. My wife, however, had this concert in mind. She dragged me, too, to this concert at Narada Gana Sabha by Priya Sisters for Kartik Fine Arts on December 7, 2012. Even my son who, otherwise works late, showed up. In fact, he was ahead of us at the sabha. As the sisters began a Behag varnam, we were just in time to reach out to our seats. The Behag varnam was followed by `Sri Vatapi Ganapathiye’ in Sahana. It was sung with gusto. What came next was `Nenarunchara’ in Simhavahini, a Janyam in Charukesi. I was lulled into believing that the next raga would be Durbar. Priya sisters, however, took up Nayaki. I wasn’t disappointed though as they began rendering `Ranganayakam’ in praise of the Lord at Srirangam. I have listened to this so many times. Yet, I thought Priya Sisters did the best possible justice to this great composition. Mohanam was delineated briefly with Subhramanya Bharati’s composition `Ethanai Kodi Inbam Vaithai Iraiva’. `Maara Vairi Ramane’ in Nasikabhushani, too, was sketched out beautifully by the sisters.

I thought God was smiling on me that evening when Sankarabharanam followed with Shyama Shastri’s evergreen `Saroja Dala Nethree’. Neraval and kalpana swaras at `Kori Vachina’ was an elaborate affair, where the talented Haripriya displayed her skills to the full. There are compositions one does not tire of listening. This is one such composition. It leaves you humming the raga notes even several hours after you have left the sabha premises. An Annamayya kriti was followed by that of one of the greatest composers, Gopalakrishna Bharathi. Who else but him can create magic with each one of his creations in his portrayal of the Saivaite Nayanmar Nandanar. Today, it was the Punnagavarali song `Ayye Meththakadinam’. It certainly seemed difficult when the time was up to bring the curtains down with Pavamana Suthudu. The two plus hours had simply flown, and one dragged oneself reluctantly out of the hall to attend to more mundane matters of the day - dinner at New Woodlands.

The wife had won hands down this day! And, I did not grudge her winning one bit!

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