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Seshagopalan does justice to brand TNS
CHENNAI, December 19: It is not enough if you are a top artiste. You should know the art of concert management. This skill was on display in full measure as T.N. Seshagopalan gave a concert for Narada Gana Sabha on December 15.

Even as the chill in the air was giving discomfort to him, Seshagopalan did well to do justice to the brand TNS.

His rendering was traditional. Yet, he imparted dynamism to it with his rich knowledge and huge repertoire. The lyrics were less audible, and, perhaps, lost in his rendering style. The Todi alap was fascinating. He peppered it with attractive sancharas. Though constrained by the intermittent irritation in throat, he traversed the octaves with effortless ease. A seasoned vocalist, TNS knows how to keep the recalcitrant throat, which threatened to play the spoil sports, in check.

He transited to Kedaram, Kalyani and Mohanam briefly before returning to Todi. What followed was Shyama Sastri’s “Ninne Nammi”. The neraval at “Kamakshi Kanchadalayadakshi” was sprinkled with delectable swaras. Nagai Sriram on violin played well to suit the senior artiste. Taniavarthanam between Ghatam Karthick and Mridangist Tanjore Murughaboopathy added vitality to the concert. The alap in rag “Chandrajyothi” was enticing. “Bagayanayya” of Thyagaraja was nicely explored. There was yet one more Shyama Sastri kriti “Brovamma Tamasame” (Bhairavi). It was appealing.

“Divakara Tanujam”(Yadukulakambhoji) of Dikshitar, a vara kriti on Lord Sani, the day being Saturday, and “Nada Loludai”(Kalyana Vasantha) of Thyagaraja were fabulous. Kalyana Vasantha alapana, in particular, was melodious. TNS the brand still has the aura around it, as Seshagopalan sang slokas in various ragas in a racy way. “Vande Dhanur Vallabham” and “Vande Sada Raghavam” were impressive for creative rendition.

He brought the curtain down with a nice Abhang, “Ye Dayaluve”, and a thillana.

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